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TSM 17-004 The Little Dog That Could with Filippo Voltaggio

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Filippo Voltaggio on air from January 24th

What do Yoda, Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, James Bond’s Q, and Ciccina have in common?  They are all mentors.  Mentors train, motivate, plant ideas, bestow gifts, etc., and they appear when the student is ready.  All these mentors did exactly that, but that is where the similarities end.  Of all these mentors, Ciccina is the only one who isn’t a fictional character.

The Little Dog That Could is the amazingly true story of a man and the little dog, Ciccina, that came into his life as his mentor to help him understand the world beyond his human senses and to experience life, love and healing beyond his human understanding.

Author Filippo Voltaggio, who currently hosts the highly regarded “The LIFE CHANGES Show,” on BBS Radio, and is an internationally known singer, speaker and life coach, offers up his own story…how one little surprise package in fur and four legs transformed his life unexpectedly and put him on a path of self-discovery.

Ciccina and the book are both small in size and are unassuming, but they are packed with inspiring lessons, comical moments, and heart-tugging experiences that delight the reader and open up all new possibilities for expansion by the end of the adventure.

In The Little Dog That Could, Filippo brings to life the meaning of the adage, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Two unlikely “bedfellows” meet by serendipity on a busy street one night, and that meeting transforms both of their lives forever. Through Ciccina, Filippo comes to experience real miracles that transcend time, space and logic.

Filippo helps people grasp the power of their sixth sense as he learned it from his little mentor. He shows how we too can expand beyond our traditional perception of a world that is far greater than we perceive on a daily basis.

A great holiday read and gift that unfolds like a classic “Hallmark” story, The Little Dog That Could isn’t just for dog and animal lovers. It’s for anyone who desires to connect to who they truly are and to become more than they ever thought they could be.



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More On Filippo Voltaggio 

During his formative years, he was sharing everything he learned about self-improvement with his friends and family and has since become a leader in the Industry having parlayed that desire, ability and knowledge into a life pursuit, passion and career.  His interviews, books, speaking engagements and workshops take a unique approach by focusing on the lighter side of improving one’s life, self-esteem, as well as the connection with one’s purpose, making the process at once, fun, funny and transformational, profound and powerful.

Filippo’s work has a foundation in sound traditional business practices, having worked in junior management for one of the top 3 Fortune 500 companies, and from an artistic background, having sung, performed and acted on stage and on the big screen, for years.  Filippo also incorporates his love and experience of science and energetics, as well as the spiritual arts, thus incorporating science, art, music, humour and heart.

After many years of certifications, in the various esoteric fields, he now holds most dear his life coaching and hosting of the show, “The LIFE CHANGES Show,” which is host to a cornucopia of guests from famed celebrities and respected scientists and doctors to everyday people who are changing their lives, the lives of others, and/or the world in a positive way.  Filippo and his show are the recent winners of Barack Obama’s President’s Call to Service Award.  As a Life Coach he has created two workshops, “The RECALIBRATION,” and “The Life IMPROVment Workshop,” which are foundationally based on helping individuals, groups, corporations and organizations make positive and lasting changes from the ground up.

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