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TSM 15/40 Spiritual Emergence with our Elders Teachings

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen aired FROM October 6th

Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen M.Ed.Coun. is a holder and keeper of her maternal Grandmother’s Medicine Bundle.

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Her greatest passion is empowering the genius of young ones, as well as engaging olders through conversation and ceremonies to step into LIVING LEGACIES and initiations into Eldership.

She has lived three distinct stages of the FUll Wheel of LIfe. A 15-year career as a guidance counsellor in secondary schools revealed a particular knowingness. Student clients walked amongst family constellations as well as ancestors. In those early professional years, Kaariina realized that she was a seer and had the wisdom to intuit what these youth were not saying! Her rapport was strong and those relationships thrived, developing into a peer counselling programme focussed upon bridging the middle years with adolescent rites!

We live in these uncalibrated times when there are generations so unaware of the potency of thoughts beliefs and words, that actions actually hinder their own liberation as well as the liberation of the genius of their children and grandchildren.

AND we also live in the times of the Spiritual Emergence; a time between times when we can serve as the tipping points as the acupuncture needles and release ancestral and epigenetic traumas from our own biologies and resanctify them; as well as release this earth body

For that I am sure Pachamama and Gaia and Mawu and Mother earth would only heave a sigh of relief rather than continuing to volcanically express shake us up with our earthquakes of awakening or tornado through our midwestern minds!

Congratulations; beloved listeners, you are here and may you be in that time of emergence.

My intention in sharing this broadcast with you all is to inspire awaken and activate genetic codes keys glyphs symbols in your etheric bodies so that you are open to resignaturing your forms your bloodlines your lives…



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My name is Grandmother Kaariina; Kaa is the soul body RII is compassion in action and NA is the nothing from which everything comes and to which everything returns.

I am a bloodline shamanka and I have passed many initiations and tests in order to stand for this climate change that begins inside each and every one of our hearts.

I serve as one of 7 abuellas for the Danza de Luna in Costa Rica, and offered a voice for Grandmothers at the eagle Quetzal Condor gathering of wisdom keepers in Sedona Arizona this past April.  I bow down to my abuella Marguerita Nuez and my elders including Sequoia trueblood , and our spirit grandfathers: grandfather William Commanda, Gfather Silver Fox, Gfather White Buffalo…..and my blood family! the weather of our minds the climate of our hearts and the reflections in our relationships all of them including and especially with our wild ancestral relatives is what wakes me up in the morning and why sometimes I retreat into the forests along wild rivers along the lakes of our lives and now into the jungles of the solitude times to earth listen….

Welcome to this story and I know your story counts as well@!

My global awareness and my current focus is two-fold: the young ones and the women

Today I share with you testimonials from the young and their calling for elders

their need for sanctuaries their co-creative efforts to reinhabit functional families and hopefully sacred partnerships that include gender alchemy

I also include our current call to women in the world to reactivate the wild heart and that indigenous native spirit of mother nature!

Our next launch is our retreat and new moon offering in North and South Carolina

we are aligned with several other sistars all of whom are offering warrior goddess trainings and womb clearings as well as an attunement to the Thirteen Moons, to rites of passage as women and initiations to an adventurous life!

For all of our relations.


Kaariina Natalie Saarinen M.Ed. Coun Founder CoCreavatars International The Way of Family Council: NVC Golden Reindeer Moon Lodge Karuna Reiki Master Teacher Om Vajra Rekhe Ah Hung

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