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TSM 15/39 THIS FOREIGNER CAN…Starting a new life in a new country

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Rafael dos Santos aired September 29th-October 5th

Moving to a new country not knowing the language don’t know anyone or what your going to do there can be very scary. Rafael an Immigrant himself knows what is needed to set up a new life and become immersed in the culture. He has set up an organization that invest in immigrants helping them set up their own business and settle into a new way of productive life. 


This Foreigner Can is a not-for-profit campaign that is going to change the lives of hundreds of immigrants in the UK. We want to inspire and educate them to start, manage and grow their own businesses. We will do that by showcasing stories of immigrant and British entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses and have achieved success.Please help us to reach as many people as possible. Visit our page on Indiegogo and help by donating or taking part BELOW.

             So I want to create the formula of success to launch small businesses.



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Rafael Dos Santos is Director of the ‘This Foreigner Can’ social enterprise

Andre Rafael dos Santos is a Brazilian entrepreneur who moved to London from Sao Paulo – one of the world’s largest cities – in 2001 to learn English.  He started out doing menial jobs to pay his way but before long Rafael decided to turn his experience of living in flat-shares into a property business. In 2005 he launched, a small business that manages and lets rooms in flat-shares. Since then, Rafael has found rooms for more than 2000 young professionals from all over the world. Rafael wrote a book ‘Moving Abroad – One Step at a Time‘, published by Panoma Press, which is dedicated to helping people who are moving to another country. ‘I want people to understand each stage of their journey abroad, conquer their fears, celebrate their achievements and live a happy life while away from their home country’. The book has been translated into 5 languages and explains the 5 stages one goes through when moving to a new city.  In 2014 he launched the startup, Room in the Moon, a social network that connects people who are moving or planning to live abroad. At the same time, Rafael organised the 2-Day International Conference for Startups London, an event attended by 300 people, with speakers from KPMG, Oracle and Rachel Elnaugh, co-founder of and Former Dragon’s Den ‘Dragon’. Rafael also runs workshops about Culture, Business and Video Marketing for Business. His last set of seminars were held in Australia and China. Rafael is passionate about travel and has visited 40 countries from all over the world.  Rafael has visited more than 200 cities, meeting the most amazing people along the way.  He has developed a great deal of knowledge about different cultures. Rafael’s core life values are: community, integrity and excellence. He applies these values to his businesses and in his personal life.

Moving Abroad – one step at a time. This book, written by Rafael Dos Santos, provides advice and tips for those who have decided to move to another country to follow a dream or to reach a goal. It is brought to life by stories and experiences of people who have happily moved abroad. With excellent reviews listed on Amazon, this is a must-read book for anyone who wish to move to another country.

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