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TSM 15/34 You did not Invite RAPE it was their CHOICE

Thier Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Evelyn Obahor aired August 25th/15 

RAPE…..Is not to be taken lightly and is no laughing matter IT SCARES FOR LIFE


Being a sensual and sexy woman is not an invitation or permission to RAPE. BEING A WOMAN IS NOT PERMISSION TO RAPE.

Being a child a wife an innocent is not permission for you to rape. Why is it that some men think that a woman being friendly or living in her own sensuality means that she is rapable? How can any man look at a child and think sexual thoughts and ACT ON THEM?

It is shameful that in this day and age with so much global information we still have to address the issue of a girls, women’s, boys right to say NO and not be raped and that some cultures still think they have the RIGHT to RAPE.




Evelyn a highly successful outstanding TV and Movie Script Writer/Producer in African Television and movie industry. In the last 30 years, television host, script writer and movie/TV producer Evelyn Obahor has become a recognisable face in the media industry as one of the most successful media personalities of African descent.


But: She has experienced first hand the horrors of rape and now today has started a foundation where those who have been victimised to empower their person again and become a beautiful whole being living in self worth and divine love.

HAVEN OF LIGHT-The JUSTEVE organisation supporting survivors of RAPE through the healing process and offers them hope that even though they have been in a dark place, they can move on at their own pace embracing the light and hope for a bright future in their own lives.

Evelyn says “We find what skills the survivors have and help them achieve their dreams and aspirations. The process is not over till we see them succeeding in all their own endeavours”. Right now everything is done through Facebook as it reaches and invites people to share and remove the stigma of being a surviving rape victim and empower each other into thriving, not surviving life, just leave your message and they will get back to you, it is all private.

You can call any time to talk to someone confidentially and Evelyn’s organization is in North America, Nigeria, and the UK. TELL: …



      For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here: http;//


In 1998, Evelyn left DBN to set up her own production company producing programmes such as EVE…THE WAY WE ARE, and also became a media consultant. While working on her own projects, she also presented NTA 2 THIS MORNING with the likes of FEMI SEGUN, ISRAEL EDJEREN, SADIQ DABA, GEENA ETUK and MARIAN ANAZODO; the programme which is today known as AM EXPRESS. She also presented HELLO LAGOS with SEGUN ADEBOWALE on SILVER SCREEN TELEVISION.

On returning to the UK her place of birth, she quickly was spotted by BEN TELEVISION, the first Black station in the UK where she created and presented programmes such as BEN BREAKFAST SHOW which is now the flagship of the station, ON THE FERMINIESIDE and HEY LETS TALK.

Leaving BEN TELEVISION, she set up her own company,JUSTEVE BROADCASTING NETWORK LIMITED now known as FLOOD LIGHT BROADCASTING NETWORK LIMITED where she has produced and presented flagship programmes such as HEY LETS TALK, THE JUSTEVE SHOW, MYWORLD and the reality show THE BIG SEARCH working with PRINCESS DEUN SOLARIN, OMAYELI ODELI and SOLA OYEBADE .

As well as a creative genius in the media and TV production, Evelyn is also a dedicated mother blessed with a 22-year-old son Daniel who has become a fantastic footballer, currently playing in semi-professional football for a local club. Evelyn has a passion for children and is in the process of setting up a charity for children in Africa. In her own words, “I will die a fulfilled person when I have impacted the world by making a change and giving hope to all suffering and struggling people. I have been through the school of life with many hard experiences of which I have come out of very strongly and I am now ready to share my experiences to impact the world.”

A view on her shows

As her media empire enlarges, Evelyn plans to launch her new magazine – HEY! MAGAZINE at the end of this year 2015.

Twitter olamere

Instagram: evelynolamere

Facebook: evelyn.obahor

More on your host Sara Troy and her many other shows go to




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