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TSM.15/29 Womanity of the World

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Yann Borgstedt aired from July 21/15 on. 

Empowering women in all areas of our world empower all the people in the world. 

When I see people investing in others to enable them to live better lives I am very happy, and even more so when it is a man investing in women. Yann a very successful man who understands and respects the true value of a woman and that inspired, enabled, and liberated, women are the peaceful answer to what ails the world. To change the man’s mind we must first empower the women for it empowers the children.


Yann says “ We are focused on becoming a dynamic and entrepreneurial philanthropic foundation, which thinks creatively to find solutions to today’s women’s empowerment challenges. We have also relished working with like-minded individuals, companies and foundations who have collaborated with us, and challenged us and our partners to think differently and further improve our impact. ”

“Afghanistan, Brazil, Haiti, India, Israel, Morocco, Palestine, Lebanon and across the Middle East. Moreover, our willingness to take risks in exploring new ideas and our ability to act on what we learn from our research have been key drivers of our success.

In the coming decade, womanity will continue to develop innovative programs that push the boundaries in the field of women’s empowerment and also collaborate at the grassroots with visionaries, activists and innovators, creating opportunities for women to realize their aspirations and reach their full potential in society. today, we are asking you, our valued partners and supporters, to contribute towards this community of innovators and social actors by making a personal pledge for women’s empowerment. through the course of the summer, we will publish your pledges on a virtual Pledge wall at to voice our combined commitment to a fairer, safer and more equitable world for women and girls.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps  here:


Take a look.

We pledge:

  1. Action by taking part in an activity to further women’s empowerment (e.g. creating a useful connection, contributing to a campaign, etc.);

  2. expertise to lend support to an organization or individual working for women and girl’s rights (e.g. to mentor, advise, provide pro-bono support etc.).

  3. Funds by donating funds towards Womanity’s pioneering work with women and girls.

As for me, I humbly pledge to continue investing time and resources to keep developing innovative models to give women and girls the same chances that men and boys are given.

Thank you for your continued inspiration and dedicated support. together, we can empower girls and women to thrive.

BY Yann Borgstedt

Switzerland / Geneva / 20.04.2012 Yann Borgstedt, Pelichet SA. Also founder of The Womanity Foundation (

Yann Borgstedt is a Swiss entrepreneur and philanthropist. Born and raised in Geneva, he pursued his studies in the USA. He has created, invested in and managed a wide range of companies in the real estate development, relocation and storage domains in France, England and Switzerland

In 2005, he created the Womanity Foundation, which focuses on the education, training and empowerment of women in Afghanistan, Brazil, India, the Middle East and North Africa region and elsewhere.

Amongst other innovative initiatives, Womanity created the first commercial women’s radio exclusively in the Middle East, called “Radio NISAA FM”, and played a key role in the transformation of the largest school for girls in Afghanistan into a model school (Al Fatah). Womanity’s WomenChangeMakers Fellowship was launched in 2009 to identify and support social entrepreneurs with innovative solutions for the empowerment of women. The program was inspired by the Ashoka model, which Yann has become familiar with in recent years, particularly through his participation in Ashoka’s Support Network in Switzerland and France, where he worked with François Marty development sustainable social housing.

Yann also sits on the board of the “Gender Equality Project”, a Swiss Foundation working towards equal professional opportunities for men and women.

Yann is a member of YPO network (Young Presidents Organization).

He has a small portfolio of social investments as with

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