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TSM 15/28 Soul and Spirit Cleansing to Embrace Living

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest  Lidia Frederico aired from  July 14th on. 

The Lidia Frederico Project, former Global Light Project is a non-profit organisation dedicated to

help people clear obstacles and find fulfilment in every area of their life: health, finance, relationships, career, personal development and spirituality. We do this by providing information, practical advice, courses, training and individual sessions.

Founded in London in 2009 by Lidia Frederico and a team of supporters, the Lidia Frederico Project is currently working towards opening a center for support, teaching and healing in London to assist those in need.

We aim to give everybody access to a range of professionals and services including conventional and alternative health practices such as acupuncture, dental care, hypnotherapy, yoga or NLP, to business, financial and relationship advice, stress reduction, feng shui and energetic personal, home and business clearing.

25% OF Lidia’s income goes to supporting this coarse.

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Lidia Frederico is a lifelong Consciousness Facilitator, spiritual coach, energy therapist, trance medium and author. She is widely sought out by clients and media worldwide. Originally from Portugal, she now hails from London. Lidia inherited her medium and spiritual abilities from a lineage of female healers and mediums on her mother’s side. Lidia has been fully aware of her gifts since childhood, which she nurtured and, in due course, culminated in her developing her channeling abilities by 1993.

Having taken the route of Karate as a child, Lidia opened her own dojo in Lisbon (Portugal) by the time she was 18. At this school, which is still running to this day, Lidia taught children, adults and disabled people. Her continuous dedication to Martial Arts led her becoming Karate World Kata Champion in 1986. As a naturally creative, Lidia turned her hand as a beautician and later enjoyed a long career with government security services.

Lidia is affectionately called ‘the cleaning lady’ as she expertly and thoroughly clears clients of negative influences in their energy fields. By channelling her guides, Lidia identifies all such influences in a person’s life. Depending on the client, this could be anything from a person’s beliefs, thought patterns, entities that have attached and need removing, or the result of those not channelling the light and much more.

Whilst trance channelling, her guides pinpoint how a person’s life is blocked by unwanted energies, people and situations. They proceed to move away from the unwanted influences, sending them back to the light or neutralising their influences in a person’s life. She then works with each client at an energetic level for between three and six months depending on the degree of ongoing support that is necessary. The objective of Lidia’s work is to get clients back on track with the life they were destined to fulfil.



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Lidia continues to clean and balance each client’s energy field without interfering with that person until they can stand on their own two feet and, therefore, ensuring that the unwanted influences do not return. She is an Energy and Crystal Therapist, works with the chakras, auras and uses herbs for clearing and cleansing. Lidia is highly adept at soul retrieval and clearing issues from past lives, which is an area that is becoming more widely known to the greater public as a holistic healing modality. Her abilities extend to her having the ability to access the Akashic records of individuals to clear up past karma, thus enabling their life to flow once again. The skill set she has honed over the past 25 years, whilst working with clients, who are from all walks of life, include, clearing at the DNA cellular level, soul retrieval, soul integration, past life regression, healing of past lives, clearing of karma, for individuals as well as their soul group. Utilising the angelic realms, and Ascended Masters to facilitate others lives and the planet. All of Lidia’s Ascended Masters and spirit guides have been tested, so as to corroborate the authenticity of her work. Lidia’s stresses the importance of being on integrity when working at this level and respecting fully all spiritual laws.

It is purely through her faith and belief in a higher power that Lidia has been able to evolve spiritually as she has. This has enabled her to assist those in need of her support at a profoundly deep level. Lidia’s dedication to contribution and service to her family, community and planet is aligned with the Sacred Mother Energy that is urgently needed for the spiritual evolution of Humanity. Her greatest joy is in assisting people to raise their spiritual frequency and, hence the planet, by helping them live fruitful, joyous and happy life.

                                    Unlocking The True Law of Life

                          Would you like to live a more Mind-Body-Soul based life?

                                Would you like a True Life Changing experience? Are you ready to truly find and clear out whatever is holding you back? Do you desire to move from awareness to appreciation, to enable others to do the same?

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Lidia has been working with me and has set me free, so much so I was inspired to write this article on the experience. coming-home-to-my-divine-purpose

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