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TSM 15/27 Supporting Women Reshaping the World.

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guests Joscelyn Duffy and Barry Braun aired July 7th/15


When he became a grandfather in 2013, Barry Braun began reflecting on what the world would be like for his new granddaughter when she reached the prime of her life. What he saw angered him and he was determined to do something about it. He founded Women Reshaping the World as a legacy project for all children.

As he reflected on why their future well-being and happiness was being threatened, he concluded that it was a simple matter of collective decision making. Like many others, Barry realised that we need a different kind of decision-making to put us on a different course. In the past, we have acted in the moment and deal with consequences only later, which has brought us to a point of threatening our well-being and the survival of our children. He believes that we need is decision making that is holistic, collaborative, long-term and connected to a deep sense of purpose — or a more feminine style of leadership. That is why Barry is spearheading one of many initiatives to help women (and the men who collaborate with them) shift our world for the better.

His thought is this: If 2 million women join together as a community to use their individual voices to shape the kind of decisions we collectively make, there will be enough power to shift the norm on decision making. This could contribute to changing the course of our world. And so, Women Reshaping the World is aiming to do just that, with a community of 2 million women, brought together through conferences across North America, an online membership platform, mentorship programs and powerful workshops. The vision is simple: Provide women with the tools to foster confidence in their sense of purpose and their voice, and support putting that purpose into action.



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Who is Barry Braun?

Barry is a visionary. He sees a world of possibility when we take the destiny into our collective hands.  As a long-term student of human behaviour, Barry believes that with a deep sense of awareness, we can move beyond simply surviving. As an expert, he has developed powerful techniques to bring people the awareness of their deep purpose and how they can impact the world around them.

Barry is a pragmatist who questions how we can build the world we would all want for our children and grandchildren, where they enjoy the happiness and well-being that comes from sufficiency, security, belonging, purpose and fairness.

As a grandfather, Barry sees the world through the eyes of children and how their innocence and joy is replaced by either numbness or fear as they move into adulthood and then a questing for purpose as they move into mature adults. His vision is to help us maintain that youthful spirit as we each unfold and share our unique purpose. It is this vision that lays the foundation for the resources, teachings and community of Women Reshaping The World.


Who Is Joscelyn Duffy?

Joscelyn is a writer, ghostwriter and motivational speaker, whose purpose has been shaped by a natural ability to identify and communicate simplicity from within the complex. Her career began as a financial educator with Fortune 500 companies, where she crafted national newsletters and led countless training sessions, guiding others to find calm during chaos. When abrupt physical debilitation and a life-threatening case of lupus struck Joscelyn at the tender age of twenty-six, she was swept away from the career and life she knew and offered the greatest contemplation time of her life. While healing and growing through illness, she discovered the truths of a reshaped life path and the ultimate purpose of her being. Her passions always laid within writing, speaking and helping others; there simply had been a voice telling her that it was meant to be for more than financial education. That little voice was right, and facing adversity first-hand provided Joscelyn with the opportunity to test every belief she had about how we each can find calm, clarity and confidence, even in the heart of chaos. What she lived is what she shares with others today. Acting as a mirror, she helps others reveal their authentic voice, strength and wisdom, and fearlessly express it to the world. Her ghostwriting clients include some of the world’s top motivational speakers, a former Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, and an international men’s health figure. And her gentle demeanour, practical guidance and powerful perspectives leave clients and audiences feeling more assured and hopeful as they journey through life.

To find out more about Joscelyn’s personal healing journey and her discovery of personal purpose, you can pick up her first book, Unshakable To The Core, at

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Why Barry approached Joscelyn to be the voice and face of WRTW:

“A woman reshaping the world is a woman who is committed to knowing the real purpose and committed to putting that purpose into action in every increasing way. A woman reshaping the world is a woman of courage who in spite of fear, speaks up and does the right thing anyway. That is why I chose Joscelyn. She is and has courage, purpose and takes action in ways that inspire change.”

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