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TSM 15/24 Receiving to Give

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest/host Bill Maquis aired June 16th-

It all began back in the spring of 2005. Sara handed Bill a letter that showed her giving a percentage out of all her sales back to those who needed it, from that moment Bill and Sara sharing the same philosophy went on a journey of building possibilities for others to see their dreams and be inspired by a vision to aspire to make those dreams come true. A journey founded upon 2 basic principles…

  1. It is a basic human right to be able to live life with purpose, meaning and dignity.

  2. By working together we will peacefully transform the world around us into one where everyone has Liberty, Independence, Freedom and Equality


Bill is a co/host with Suma Nathan on “Wise Health” CLICK HERE

One the show will be sharing with our incredible journey that led to the discovering the Q-Factor and the creation of The Living Fractals Company and the Living Orchard


                             TUNE IN HERE FOR INSTANT LISTENING NOW



Cyclzone. Technologies EONIC modular, adaptable, and expandable electric motor technology invented by Bill back in the 70’s and developed by Bill and Sara 2006, has led Bill to his D.I.V.A Mindset a business development tool that has you build and keep your dreams.


Now the S.E.L.F. Discovery where we help you discover your

S.E.L.F = Soul Empowered Loving Fulfilment, embracing all that you are and can be. 


Living Orchard and organisations that give 50% of its earnings back to society by investing in people, technology and small business.

Give Back where I was giving back a percentage of sales to particular foundations.


Current initiative Discovery of S.E.L.F soul enabling life force.

Being Fund Action initiative is where we invest directly into the people in the “Pursuit of Wholeness” by using the tools and expertise of our hosts and radio guest and those who have been invited to join the Self Discovery Directory.

Crusaders for Change to build the directory.

This is where we raise the funding to hire the experts from the directory to invest back into those who need it. When we invest in people we invest in our future and everyone benefits. 

Self Discovery Directory.

Self Discovery Hosts and our members of the Self-Discovery Directory are people who have embraced their journey and what they are truly here for, now with their expertise they are here to help others find their direction in life, and the Being Fund Action supports them. If you wish to become a member please contact Sara. 

Bills links.

If you have any questions you would like to ask Bill drop him a line: Bill Macquis <>

Sara’s shows choose-positive-living/


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