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TS20-45 Stephen Gillen from Violence to Success

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Stephen Gillen, on air from November 3rd

Stephen Gillen’s life journey, work creations, media career, and global coaching successes have received a high level of worldwide engagement and TV, radio, and film interest. A person who, after growing up in the civil war in Belfast who then going through a traumatic care system, then a life of Organized Crime and twenty years as one of Britain’s most dangerous Criminals reformed becoming a globally successful entrepreneur & philanthropist – In May this year he was nominated by the Secretary-General of the Universal Peace Federation and a UK peace ambassador for the prestigious “SUNHAK” International Peace Prize. Awarded in past years to presidents and other influential global dignitaries, Stephen was privileged enough to be forwarded for this honour, not just for the many humanitarian initiatives he is currently involved in, but in the category of “Conflict Resolution” and for overcoming great adversity and then focusing on benefiting and improving the lives of others.

Already receiving global acclaim and widely talked about in broadcast media and featured in influential tabloids, Stephen Gillen’s book “The Monkey Puzzle Tree”, inspired by the true events of his life, is being hailed as a literary masterpiece. A book that is dealing with important dark issues and will change and improve lives all over the world.

The book ‘The Monkey Puzzle Tree’ already being called an International Bestseller has received widespread broadcast and Media coverage around the world. A Main Sponsor of the Prestigious ‘2020 British Film Festival’ this year this gripping True Story is Center Stage & visible to the Worlds A-Listers, film-makers and influencers as the eagerly awaited major film adaption of the book speeds forward!


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