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TS20-22 Dispelling The Myths of Long Term Care

Their Stoy Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Sara Finkelstein, on air from May 26th

Some Americans falsely think that Medicare will pay for Long Term Care. Medicare does pay for some home health care, but it is limited. Americans who want to avoid becoming a burden to their children and protect their Retirement Nest Egg will do some Long Term Care Planning.

I grew up in NY and decided to move down to FL in 1990 in search of sunny year- round weather and an attractive housing market. My dad and his wife had already made the move and when I visited them I fell in love with FL.

I joined the insurance and financial field in 1996. I was securities licensed and in 2008/2009 after the stock market crash, I decided to focus strictly on “safety and guarantees”.

I specialize in helping individuals with their Medicare plans. People become eligible for Medicare when they turn age 65. There are 10,000 people turning 65 each and every day and they get bombarded with mail and phone calls about Medicare. My husband, Paul Finkelstein, and I do educational workshops for Medicare. He likes to refer to us as “Mr. and Mrs. Medicare”.

But USA Medicare is just one part of healthcare costs in retirement.  The other part is Long Term Care.

I enjoy helping individuals plan for their financial future with Peace of Mind and guaranteed lifetime income. For the purposes of this interview, I am focusing on the topic of Long Term Care.

While I was in my 30s I had to move my mother down to FL as she needed help. She ended up living in Assisted Living for 6 years, followed by 2 years in a Nursing Home.

The light bulb went off for me and I realized the importance of planning for my own future potential need for Long Term Care. The statistics of needing care is very high: 70% of people over the age of 65 will need Long Term Care at some point. That’s 2 out of 3! Some will need it for a short period of time, others for several or many years.

Most individuals are not planning for this probability. For several reasons:

  1. They don’t think it will happen to them.

  2. They think that their children or spouse will take care of them.

  3. They think it’s too expensive.

  4. Some mistakenly think Medicare will cover it. (Medicare covers some home health care and Skilled Nursing Facility)

  5. I’ve heard the craziest answers, but they are all excuses

In my field (insurance and financial services) we plan for the “what ifs” in life, because we know its better to have a plan in place, instead of dealing with a crisis.

I like to spread the word of Long Term Care Planning because it could wipe out a whole retirement nest egg that one has been working towards and saving for.

What people gain by working with me is: Peace of Mind, protecting their retirement nest egg for the purpose of what it was intended for – their Golden Years, maintaining their dignity and control over what happens to them when they do need Long Term Care, and leveraging their dollars for Long Term Care.

FREE GIFT: Audience can request a report, “What You Need to Know About Long Term Care” delivered to their email. They can call or text me at 561-302-5760, or call toll free at 844-453-1419 and I’ll be happy to send it over. Or they can email me at

They can also request a FREE strategy session for Long Term Care or a 2nd opinion as to what they are currently doing in regards to their Nest Egg.

In 2018 I published my first book, “Wi$dom for Women – Discover The Challenges You Must Overcome to Live The Life and Retirement You Deserve”. This book has a whole chapter devoted to Long Term Care. It is available on Amazon.

Born in Israel and raised in New York Sara grew up working in the family business. She relocated to Southeast Florida in 1990 in pursuit of gorgeous weather.

Sara joined the financial arena in 1996. Her financial industry experience encompasses employment with a major insurance company, banks, and a boutique money management firm. Her knowledge, gained from different angles, has proven to be advantageous in helping clients reach their financial needs, goals, and dreams.

Helping individuals keep their financial promises to their families is a commitment that Sara made and everything she does in her practice serves to uphold that commitment.

She published her first book, “Wi$dom for Women, Discover the Challenges you Must Overcome to Live the Life and Retirement You Deserve” available on Amazon ($18).

To Get Wi$dom For Women, Published On Amazon, For FREE, Pay Just $5.00 For Shipping & Handling, Click On The “Pink” Graphic Below.

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