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Toronto I here for a reason, let’s work together.

I have to ask is Toronto telling me that it does not want me here. I have been here six weeks and in that time, I’ve stayed in five places and having to look for a new place now for the end of the month again (my landlady does not like me at home so much or doing my shows from home, although knew about it right at the start, she has asked me to leave). I have fallen on the street on slippery roads, really hurting my self and I have fallen down the stairs and I am wondering if this a message? It was very clear to me that I had to come to Toronto to work with progressive people that the people I needed to expand my vision of the radio network community we’re here and also to spend time with my daughter before she left for New Zealand,. Now I have some appointments with people that could be the start of something big, there is a synergy that could be beneficial for both parties under all that we serve.

I still believe I am meant to be here but do not understand why it has to be so hard. It is a pain I have to look for another place to live, trying to find something that allows me to get on with my work that also gives me a place a sanctuary is very important and within my budget. As I do work from home that space needs to be a place I feel safe in and welcome. Even when I’m working with organizations a lot of my work is based on the computer. So, I am asking Toronto to be kinder to me, to help me find a place where I will be accepted and where I can springboard from with the wonderful organizations I wish to work with. I also asked that whatever vibration is causing me to fall, to back off, these falls are more than what they should be, and the injuries sustained are so interfering with my work here.

I have come here on a mission one I believe in, one I believe that needs to be and one that will build a community globally. Whatever is getting in my way both in health and home and any negative vibrations that have come my way, I wish to stop, for my work is too important to let any of this crap get in the way.

The only Good Vibrations, a warm welcoming home, people who wish to be a part of this Self Discover Community, need to be in my life, let us get on with the work at hand let us get on with helping our society and let us not let the little itty bitty stuff and people get in the way.

I’m here for the people who want to Embrace this plan and see its benefits and help me implemented into action, that is all that I will accept.

I will not know the damage to my knee and back for a few days, but I pray it is not anything too much and that it does not get in the way of me finding a new home or of doing my work here. Toronto I’m here for the duration of my commitment and action, please welcome me,  work with me and let’s get on with it.

Check out my mission here Self Discovery Community. 

A Determined Woman of commitment. 

Sara Troy


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