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To heal we must start within…But how?

Posted on July 28, 2014 by Clairvoyant Girl Jackie Mihalchick

For a lot of people finding the simple joys in life is anything but simple…  Waking up can become a chore…even a challenge.  In this episode of It’s all Spiritual I talk about how we can learn to move forward by first looking within….We all have issues… We all are fighting our own set of personal demons…

So…IF we are to heal we must start within…but how? How do we do it? How do we move past  the pain and forward?  Listen in as I share the following 6 Steps to bring about personal change.

  1. Awareness– we must first become aware of what we are not wanting to face

  2. Allow– once aware, it is about allowing ourselves to feel the emotion or emotions that are then triggered

  3. Addressing– allowing and addressing go hand in hand really…it is the act of really addressing the issue.  Often we must first allow ourselves to move through the pain and feelings involved…but then we must address

  4. Realization– during this step we are able to see it for what it was. We REALIZE it has happened and cannot be undone.

  5. Releasing– accepting where you are and where you have come from allows us to release a piece if not all of what we have been holding on to.

  6. Relief the feeling of recapturing your power, your energy, by being able to release will naturally bring you a sense of relief.

I will talk about how the process of… being aware, by allowing, by addressing, by the act of realization, and by releasing you can then bring relief. I also give you a tool to use to help utilize the above steps.

By giving the process I detail in the show a chance, you are able to find a safe and effective way to deliver to the spirit of the intended your message.  This releases it to their spirit.  Their spirit will now be able to integrate the message into their mental body …making them aware in an unconscious way…which then allows their spirit to bring the information (bit by bit) into their conscious body.

Spiritual Awakenings Show is available to listen on demand starting Tuesday July 29th.

More on Jackie and her show go to /spiritual-awakening/


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