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TMS16/03 The Need of a LOO (toilet)

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Jasmine Burton aired January 19th-24th

Not everyone has a LOO 

We take for granted in the Western world that everyone has a flushing toilet, but that is not true, a number of people in the world without a loo is huge and this can cause sickness. One team took this on and came up with a LOO (toilet) that can be used anywhere in the world giving sanitation and some dignity to those that need it.

Now with the refugees being scattered in camps, this product is in even more need. 

Wish for WASH, LLC is a social impact organization that strives to bring innovation to sanitation through culturally specific design, research, and education. The SafiChoo toilet system, Wish for WASH’s first sanitation model tailored initially intended for a Kenyan refugee community, premiered in Fall 2013 as a Georgia Tech senior design project. Since then, our team has evolved into a talented group of young and diverse engineers, designers, business analysts, and development researchers – dedicating their skills to disrupt how the world is tackling sanitation relief products and services. The most current SafiChoo design is composed of separate, modular units, which enables the user to chose the elements of the system to best meet their specific needs. Our collective teamwork and my exposure through the Spring 2015 TedxAtlanta talk in addition to a number of other speaking events have brought Wish for WASH to the attention of numerous international aid and relief agencies interested in our mission and products.Our efforts are now turned toward completing a beta test in Spring 2016 in communities outside of Lusaka, Zambia, which will focus on user experience and overall feasibility of the product in partnership with our target users.

Jasmine Burton was born and raised in Dunwoody, Georgia. In 2014, her senior design team won the Georgia Tech InVenture Prize Competition, the largest undergraduate invention competition in the United States, for their design of an inexpensive mobile toilet, SafiChoo. Before graduating, from Georgia Tech’s Industrial Design Program, she participated in the Georgia Tech Women’s Leadership conference, the CDC’s Summer Public Health Scholars Program, Humanity in Action Fellowship and Industrial Design studio classes that emphasized ethnography and social impact work. She hopes to improve women’s health via redesigning water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure which is why she founded Wish for WASH, a social impact startup that seeks to bring innovation to sanitation. Over the next year, Jasmine is serving as Global Health Corps Fellow in Lusaka, Zambia working as a design specialist at the Society for Family Health. Jasmine identifies as a humanitarian design activist and, ultimately, seeks to use her creativity to make the world smile.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//

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More information about our project and if you wish to support it can be found here.

TEDxAtlanta talk: Georgia Tech InVenture Prize Competition:

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SafiChoo Kenyan Pilot: Wish for WASH Pitch video:

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