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Three life lessons that 2014 has taught me.

 Year End Message of Gratitude. 


There are so many things I have learned in 2014, that began with the creation of Migrant Woman Ltd in January, leading to the first magazine being published in April. It has been a challenge but a lot of fun as well, which has helped me to grow and develop my abilities to connect and co-operate with others. There are three main lessons that 2014 has taught me and I would like to share them with you.

  1. Don’t compare with others

It is believed that what makes us unhappy are not the deficiencies we have but the comparisons we make with others. Who has this illusion that life should be entirely fair? Focus on the blessings of life itself and avoid the chronic comparisons of ourselves with the luck of others, which are not useful at all. In my workshops, I often like to share my life motto: “Do not feel inferior to others, do not feel superior to others; just make yourself feel better then yesterday.”

  1. Detach from loving things

To separate from a place, a partner or from a boring job are important actions in our life, especially when they are included in our list of priorities. They give meaning to our world. When we flip the page of an individual ‘chapter’ a new chapter immediately starts in life and at such significant turning points are bound to cause strong feelings and emotions. Often life does not give us what we want, but what is needed. It is never easy to negotiate with the ‘end’. However, when it is not possible to improve a situation, perhaps it is time to stop it. Our life journey includes experiences, places, people, events, and thoughts that we inevitably leave behind to undertake new opportunities.

  1. Forgive and let it go

In life, we meet people that may hurt us. It is likely that we will meet them again. Deep inside us it is normal to feel rage and anger boiling. And often these thoughts that can boil inside give us the intricate feelings and the links of our life. Anger does not improve our life at all. This is why we must resist the tendency to be fed with negative feelings, which are heavy burdens for our mind. Forgive and let it go…

Thank you for your support in 2014 and please continue to spread the word for 2015 to build on and grow this wonderful community of inspirational women from so many cultures and backgrounds.


December 16th


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