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Thoughts Become Things International

Thoughts Become Things hosted by Neo Positivity.


 Retraining your thought process to find balance in life

The world isn’t doing so good. We’re killing each other, we’re killing ourselves, and we’re killing the planet. But the earth has been around for millions of years before us humans, and it will be here for millions of years after us. It will evict us before it allows us to destroy it. Something must change.

The only opposition to that negativity is positivity. But not everyone can be positive. Positivity’s best asset is the law of attraction. Neo Positivity is different from just being positive. It setting alarms, mental exercises, and being accountable for the good and bad things that you manifest into your life. I’ve mastered the art of “Thoughts Become Things” and I can proudly say that my life is my resume. And I’ve devoted the rest of my life to teaching others how to manipulate the flow of things around them. In essence, how to create their futures.

The best part about working with me is that those in between “what if” negative scenarios that we run most of the day will turn into positive “what if” scenarios. Peace of mind. I’ll never go back to my old way of thinking. And neither will you.


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