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Their Story Matters


                “THEIR STORY MATTERS”

We all have a story within us that is a testament to our life’s journey, some peoples journeys have just been a bit rougher than others. Here on PLV Radio Network we are introducing a new channel called “Their Story Matters”

Here on “Their Story’s Matters” is where we will hear the stories of people having faced their deep adversities are now sharing their challenges in order to help others face their own. Men and women have had to face things that no human should have to face, but have chosen to embrace their freedom, their liberty, and in dignity find a meaningful purpose in their lives.


Humanitarian groups we wish to embrace what you are doing in helping humanity, please come share your passion of what your organization is doing to help others find their liberty, dignity and personal freedom in embracing their possibilities. We wish to tell your story as it very much matters.

Opportunity to have your own show

Would you like your organization to have their own show profiling the work and people your helping? We can accommodate you hosting your selves or we can host it for you. More info contact Sara

Tune in weekly from Tuesday – Monday for instant Listening.


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Here are PLV Radio we bring you D.I.V.A.s (Dreamers, Inspire-rs, Visionaries, and Aspire-rs) who have embraced their journey in living in authentic meaningful purpose by embracing their redirect, and who now wish to give light to those becoming their own D.I.V.A..

No matter what hell they have come from, or pain they have suffered, there is always a way forward to living our life with liberty, dignity, and finding our meaningful purpose in our life. As a  D.I.V.A in Discovery they are people who has made a choice to place value upon themselves and free their past lives to embracing their new possibilities.

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Inspired by “Her Story Matters” headed up by Miss Harriet Khataba.  Her Story Matters is a UK organization, founded by Harriet, to spotlight and support women from across the globe in an effort to provide awareness and support for women to tell their stories and to emerge as a stronger and more successful individual.. /plv-affiliates/her-story-matters/

We know that no one gets where they need to grow without an organization who helps by investing in back in to the people, giving them hope, strength and encouragement, and helping so that they can live that life of dignified freedom. This is where “Living Orchard”  comes in helping to create of a world around people where everyone has Liberty, Independence, Freedom, and Equality

PLV Radio is the voice for “Living Orchard” and we believe in investing in people and empowering their D.I.V.A and creating possibilities and we invite other organizations to align with us in investing in the people of the world. /living-orchard/

If you wish to share with us your story in trust for we know it can be painful, but also liberating setting yourself free and freeing others at the same time, we are here for you.Please tell us your story, and let us help you share it with the world so everyone can find that same courage as you have.

CONTACT US with your interest and any questions you may have.

Thank you

Sara Troy

PLV Radio Host and Producer.

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