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THE WISDOM OF THE HEART ~By Jackie VanCampen  our Spiritual Awakenings Host on PLV RADIO. /spiritual-awakening/

Are you willing to RELEASE the fight against the transitions of life and let it push you in forward momentum?


Transitions sometimes appear like the desert winds First a gentle, welcoming breeze Only noticeable to those who know The winds by their distinct feel Who are friends with the winds Because they have learned that the winds cannot be dominated or won They can only be surrendered to 

As the winds pick up in strength The desert sand begins to lift off the ground And now all you can feel is the abrasiveness against your skin You try to protect yourself from it You wonder how long it will last You’re not sure how much you can take Sometimes you weep as the grains enter your eyes You plea with the king of winds to make it stop

And then you realize that you cannot go against the wind You can only move with it So you release your resistance And you allow it to push you forward in its currents Until it delivers you to your perfect oasis


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