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The Wellness Journey Summer series “Loving the Natural You”

The newest series to the Wellness Journey Podcast Series is “Loving the Natural You”. As we travel through life, our mindset, heart, and body go through a multitude of changes, and without taking time to learn about these changes, one may feel lost, insecure, and unhappy.

It’s time to make a mindful effort to establish peace with the transitional periods of life.  It’s time to focus on ways to honour your temple, locate your inner joy, and age with grace and self-love.

Join Lynnis, as she talks with her guests about ways to clear our mind, body, and spirit of that which is not beneficial, delve into listening to our inner selves, and ultimately realizing that beauty is not just in the face, but also in the movement of the body, and internal  spiritual tranquillity.

We invite you to reach another level of self-awareness through “Loving The Natural You” starting on June 4th



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