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This Inspirational speech below led me to write as I was listening, all that he says we say here on Self Discovery Radio in each and every show, for we are the answer we are the joy we seek.

I was inspired by a  very motivational speech, and one we should listen too and then look in. We are the answer to our dreams, we are the answer to all that ails us, we are the answer to what the world needs, we are the answer, WE ARE.

All we have to do is look in, see who we are, understand what we are here for, what is our purpose what can we do to make a difference?????? First, we have to take off the glasses of expectations, take off the dictation of society and start looking to what is possible, what is real what is true in our life.

How do we do it? Where do we do it? Who can help us? Am I worthy? What do I have to contribute? Until we take that first step forward, until we believe we can, we will be stuck, so be brave be blind deaf and dumb, take that step so divine, so unknown so wondrous, for that is the journey of life, that is why we are here, this is the path of purpose, this is IT and yes YOU ARE WORTHY.

Live from the inside out, live each day as a gift, live in purity of love, of self-love, of divine truth of divine purpose. CHOOSE to smile, CHOOSE to love, Choose to uplift, choose to be kind, choose to be helpful, for that is WHY you are here, this is your purpose, this is your calling to share in love and kindness your gift in this world.

One step just one step forward INTO LIFE, into action, into caring, into participation, into meaningful purpose, for this is what is needed, this is what makes a difference in your life and in the lives of others, this is WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT.

Be enriched by the journey of life, be empowered by actions taken, be inspired by others, be JUST BE.

Don’t think it FEEL IT, don’t be scared, be adventurous, don’t doubt just do, for it is when we walk forward into our own lives we come to understand our why our how and to whom it will serve.

Raise your vibration, raise your dreams, raise your hopes, for in that beautiful good vibrations we discover S.E.L.F our soul enabling life force and we understand why we are here. You are the GIFT to our own life, you are the GIFT to this world, just start believing it, embracing it and becoming it, for this is what it is all about. LOVE OF SELF, LIFE, AND GIVING, for that, is the healing and nurturing process to making this an AWESOME WORLD.

Be the D.I.V.A a dreamer, inspirer, visionary, and aspirer this world needs, for without a dream we are nothing, so be inspired by life, see the vision of possibilities, and aspirer to making it happen, for your DREAMS is what this world needs.

Please listen to the video and let your wings free, for your flight into life is what this world needs.

    Sara Troy

If you only hear one speech in life, make it this one, the most passionate inspirational speech ever given by Markus Rothkranz.


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