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The Essence of Who We Are Unconditional Love with Master Kuthumi.

The Academy of Conscious Living presents Kuthumi

Presented by founders Dr’s Tom & Shelly Negelow, introducing Master Kuthumi divine spirit of wisdom.

Come hear how Master Kuthumi can guide us forward in our lives. Each one of these panelists has had an experience with Master Kuthumi that has helped them move forward in their own practices. Then join Master Kuthumi on November 14th on Facebook: Academy for Conscious Living where he will answer your question live.

Our vision at the Academy is for people to have the experience of being powerful and conscious in their lives and use this experience to powerfully manifest what they choose, and as a result, live a balanced and full and rewarding life. Master Kuthumi is a divine spirit that channels through Tom Negelow and speaks wisdom to our concerns.

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Production by Sara Troy


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