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The Electric Engine that started it all.

                                               10 Years WOW, what a journey it has been.

2005 Bill Mackie (Macquis) told me of an electric motor engine he had designed some 27 years prior but would need a city block of computers to run it with at that time. 2006 the I-Pod came out and that is what we used to run this technology.


Batteries that looked like dynamite, a 4 channel amp for cars, an I-pod and the motor its self, all weighing around 12 lbs total and we had our motor. They said it could not be done, that the math would not allow it be that small, and it would never be. We made it BE, we proved concept, it worked and blew a few minds, people talking about how far reaching it could be, everyone wanting it in a car, a plane, in paragliding, endless desires, but no money to take it further.

We had almost 2 big deals in 2008 which had taken 2 years to develop and along came the crash. Both parties fell pray to that which means we did also. Back to the drawing board, we so wanted a deal negotiator to work with us, so many people filled with self importance huge egos promises and hype, only to be full of it. It was a very interesting study in man, greed, power, and scams. That is all very well but we were stuck in the middle of it, I had sold my home and put my money behind it, even getting a place in the US so we could develop it there only to be kicked out on a technicality,(after the lawyer took 10,000 US  and no delivery)

Lessons learned, now homeless living out of my van, we kept meeting people in hopes that someone of integrity would honour the technology and get behind it, 2010 we met some people who said they could and would, one did, he put money into the next phase of development,(which blew our socks off as it entered the Quantum energy phase) but the other people just kept on wanting more percentage of the company and not delivering on promises. It all came to a head 2011, and we walked away from them all, we lost our prototype, but no one but Bill has the info needed to make another.

A rocky road ahead of for a while, lost, disillusioned and angry we had to take a new path, mine came in 2012 with hosting a radio blog with anther network, Bill in the development of the Mindology, but he broke his back and it set him back 18 months. He recovered by using quantum energy and the Nuance was the next phase of development. I also discovered I had some physical disabilities and set on path to heal them, for me not with energy, but connecting to my divine calling, he is healed I am just living with it  and not letting it rule me.

Now in 2016, the motor still waiting for that right person, we moved on to other things, July of this year the Nuance app will be launched  this new tool came out of the mathematical equations that were in the motor; so the motor continues to live in another form, but the motor has also been redesigned for a different use now, come see, living-orchard and based on the principle that founded it we will be Giving Back to communities in order to seed opportunities for others to build on.

I am now the Owner-Operator-Host of Self Discovery Radio and Bill has a show on here where he speaks to the  Mindology affect and on Quantum energies. So the motor although did not get developed they way we thought it would, has most certainly led us to this path and doing what it was meant to do.

I wonder what they next 10 years will bring for us for me, Bill and my path are very much linked in this co-development of each others calling, and no matter where I go or he goes, I can see that link will forever be connected. Life is very interesting and our forever winding road very exciting.

Take a look at the motor and the station and  you never know if we are a link on your journey of life.




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