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T19-17 Ocean Crusaders: Cleaning Waterways and Educating Children

Transformations with Dianne Shaver and her guest Ian Thomson, on air from April 23rd

OCEAN CRUSADERS  Australia’s Waterway Cleaning Team  Ian Thomson, Founder

What inspired founder, Ian Thomson to turn his attention away from sailing races and starting a non-profit cleaning waterway and the ocean in Australia. Ian is a sailing racer and has sailed around Australia single-handed.

His mission includes educating children and the need for cleaning up plastic pollution.  He empowers children by organizing them into clean-up crews, giving them the direct experience of putting knowledge into practice to make a difference. His foundation is growing and he now has branched out to Fiji.

I am passionate about educating people about the issues our oceans face so founded Ocean Crusaders as a tool to do this. It morphed into an online education program for young children and we now have an additional focus of beach and waterway cleaning in SE Queensland.

Every day we have a choice of what we buy and choosing items in plastic is taking its toll on our oceans. What you do today will affect tomorrow so make a choice to say no to as much plastic as you can, reuse it if you have to use it and recycle it when done.





Ocean Crusaders is a charity organisation that specialises in waterway cleaning on a large scale.  The entire campaign is run with a passion for the ocean having seen the issue our wildlife is facing first hand.  Looking into the eyes of a dead turtle and wondering what killed it, to later find out it was plastics, drives this campaign to ensure that our oceans, waterways and beaches are clean and safe for all animals.

We operate a Social Enterprise that sees us working for government organisations and large corporations to clean waterways on a regular basis with our core crew.  This sees us go places many wouldn’t and remove items many think are impossible to get.  This Social Enterprise helps fund our community programs that involve our Paddle Against Plastic campaign and major beach and island cleanups.

Clean Oceans make us all winners!!!!

Only that he is a sailing racer and has sailed around Australia single-handed.

There are many ways to become involved from coming to one of our community events, to sponsoring us.  We’d love to hear from you and see you soon.


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