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SVL 17-06 We Are All the Same Inside

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from February 7th


If we were all blind death and dumb we may be able to see hear and feel.

Yes, people have different traditions, and yes the world is not going to agree to some practices that oppress a person’s freedom. But folks, we have so much more in common than we have apart and that is what we should be seeing.

1. We all need love and care to grow beautifully.

2. We all need food, water, nurturing to sustain our lives.

3. We all need to be seen heard validated to know we matter.

4. We all need a purpose that serves us and our community

5. We all need to belong to something that matters

6. We all need to feel life and the joy of living

7. We all need to contribute to what serves mankind

8. We all need to find that love within to find our peace and meaning of life

So we may see things from a  different view in life, we all may communicate in a different way, we all may need different things at different times, but we all need something to survive.

So why can’t we explore each other’s points of view without hate or fear or dictatorship and in respect or each other listen to that point of view?



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