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Stress Buster At Home Our Pets.


Positive paw-steps for future happiness

Today, people are under greater pressure to cram more into their lives, every day being a relentless list of calendar events. In this digital age of mobiles and devices, everyone is following a strict schedule with notifications regularly keeping them on track.  Currently, ways to reduce stress are of huge importance.  Who would have believed, in these times, that the answer lies in our furry friends, and what nicer way to maintain balance in your life than with your own canine stress ‘Buster’.

Are you constantly rushing through your busy day with no time for yourself, and work deadlines to meet? Stress, which can lead to problems with mental health, has become prevalent in recent years. Latest statistics from the World Health Organisation state that over 300 million people have experienced various levels of depression in 2017 alone. On a brighter note, dog ownership has been shown to be the ‘wonder drug’ for both prevention and treatment of mental health issues. Needless to say, canine companions are hugely beneficial, and can do marvels for one’s mental state.

Man’s best friend

Dog owners experience a large burst of the love and bonding hormone, oxytocin when they look into their beloved pet’s eyes or stroke them and this ‘feel good’ hormone has a very positive effect, also promoting a reduction of the stress hormone, cortisol.  A reduction in cortisol decreases susceptibility to anxiety, thereby promoting the individual to lead a fulfilled and happy life.  Subsequently, it is clear that owning a dog can improve mental health.  

Routine and exercise best for both canine and human alike

Dogs need to exercise every day and tend to be happier with a routine, which is also the case for their human owners.  People feel more fulfilled and happier with a strong structure to their day and exercising their pooches will also improve the physical fitness of both humans and canine alike.  A recent study, which was carried out for the University of East Anglia, showed that dog owners tend to be more active and, subsequently, healthier in both mind and body.  It is well known that mental health is improved with exercise.  After all, what could be more fun and beneficial than an outdoor adventure with your canine companion?

Furthermore, the health benefits, beyond those of mental health, are fairly obvious including greater mobility which equals a better mind, body, spirit and soul. 

Written by Sally Writes. 

Does your dog have allergies? check out this link.


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