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Self Discovery’s Book opportunity

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Opportunity to co-author on Self Discovery’s Collective Book and E-Book.

We will be creating an editorial content that is enlightening and will build both Self Discovery community and their author’s personal audience.

I am really excited to invite you to be a contributing author to a very unique Audio-shows and Ebook/BOOK project.  It is a compendium of Self Discovery radio guests sharing their wisdom in words and audio. There will be an audio button on each author’s page that will be a link to your interview with me and your shows and content on you.

This will be an awesome vehicle for launching your brand to further heights and build sustainable success, as it will be distributed to like-minded people, as well as populating the Amazon as a profile of you.

As a contributing author, you will have a whole chapter with text and media to share the distilled essence of your ideas in a compelling, engaging way. This will inspire the end user to opt-in to your online list thus attracting the perfect people and building your global community.

We are looking for 12-15 contributing authors for the next Book/ebook Audio show to coincide with the stations next level of development. We also invite to you to join us at our The Discovery Store where we can also sell your programs, books, webinars etc and services. With both the e-book and radio affiliation (plus your own radio blog show page) we give you a platform that speaks to a wider audience by inspiring to invite those that need your services and wisdom.

Self Discovery's Tree of Inspiration (1)

Each book will represent a different genre.

Liberate Your True Self: Out now

2# Embracing Your True Purpose.

Getting into Action due out in December 2018

3# Being of Service 

Serving humanity with your purpose 

We affiliate with you and create opportunities for speaking engagements for our authors.


Amazon paperback and free Ebook. Apple ibooks, PDF file available for download from our site.

Ebooks distributed here on Self Discovery Radio and and more 

This is very exciting hope you join us, feel free to contact me re any questions and re-pricing. 

Please connect me Sara Troy to sign up at for this Self Discovery project deadline for the next book is October 1st to be out in December 2018. 

Sara Troy



Download the Free Ebook in iTunes  iTunes 

Download to Ice Cream Reader HERE 

Self Discovery's Ebook series (2)

Self Discovery Radio Network



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