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Self Discovery Radio by Sara Troy

The Pursuit of Wholeness Show featuring Sara Troy

“We are all in the Pursuit of Wholeness so we may live more meaningful purposeful, and abundant lives through uniting in our global love for one another other.”

I am Sara Troy “Self Discovery Radio” Owner-Operator-Host

Self Discovery Radio Network is dedicated to helping people connect and build healthy relationships with SELF. The Soul Enabled Life Force that exists within you that will enable you to live a more purposeful meaningful and accomplished life. Join us on SELF Discover Radio where we have over 1400+ audio shows in our library with new shows added every week for your enlightenment. Each show features people from all walks of life, sharing the incredible journey they have taken towards the embracement of the investment in self and their true meaningful purpose in life through the discovery and empowerment of SELF LOVE.

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I am Sara Troy and I believe in knowingness, that feeling you get when you let the divine intellect speak to your gut and enter its divine knowledge, it then resonates with your heart in truth and passion, on to the spirit to get into action, and draws from the mind what it needs to know at the time it needs to know it. That is my knowingness and the state of being I choose to live in.

I am also a D.I.V.A a dreamer, inspirer, visionary, and aspirer. I believe we are all born D.I.V.A’s and lose it along the way, but life taps on your shoulders or gives us a hatchet in the head if we don’t listen and redirects us back into our divine D.I.V.A .

Being Inspired by our Dreams seeing the Vision and Aspiring to make it happen is what life is about. What use is a life without a dream, or not listening to those who will inspire us, we can’t see the vision if our souls are closed and what would we aspire to for we see, hear and if we feel nothing?

I have found my purpose and calling with my radio/blog station Self Discovery Radio. When I started radio/blog interviewing I would seek out those D.I.V.A’s who had embraced their redirect and were now sharing their story and knowledge with others to enhance their own life’s journey.

Each week my hosts and I interview exceptional people living extraordinary lives, sharing their expertise and their own self-discovery. We discover knowledge on our health, our inner wealth and our possibilities that we are inspired to follow. The story of others in overcoming life’s challenges in placing value on self, and in igniting their D.I.V.A once more, is truly liberating. It has been a wonderful journey of illumination for me and our listeners.

We also look to support our global “Community for Change” initiative by raising funds that we will invest in back into people that need help in re-embracing life, by hiring the services of those we interview who will enable them to find their dignity, liberty, and meaningful purpose in life.

With so much knowledge in over 1900 archived in Our Orchard of Wisdom library of shows, there is the answer to your questions, and the discovery of self is but one show away.


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I am forever looking to bring to you our community support and celebration of your divine calling that serves our global humanity.

Interviewed Bill Mackie

Also co-host on Wise Health on  Wise Health


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