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Self Coaching Love & Freedom Summit


Personal Growth Experts Believe That You Can Overcome Anything!

Meet these Transformational Coaches and Spiritual Teachers from around the world that have come together to remind you that,


  1. Overcoming challenges with self-coaching

  2. How to reveal, understand and transform yourself

  3. Infinite possibilities with experiencing greater love and freedom

Access this FREE Online Event where we talk about the real, grounded journey of personal development. Hear the wisdom and personal knowledge that others use in their own self-coaching technics. 

Learn how coaches coach themselves!

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Hi My Friends, I have the honour of being on this summit and my air date is May 18th

How many times a day are you coaching yourself? Did you know you were doing that?

We can be our greatest coach and teacher in this life because we’re with ourselves every minute of the day!

Challenges come up every day and new opportunities and ways are to give to us to grow.

My personal growth practices have evolved over time, and I am excited to share with you exactly what I do to coach myself.

I invite you to join me and my friend, Melissa Lilly Nelson, host of New Three University’s free inspirational event, Self-Coaching, Love and Freedom.

Join me here May 18th  self-coaching-love-freedom

Sara Troy

Self-Coaching is coaching yourself to experience greater peace, love and freedom!


Ken Stone

Kelley Kosow

Dr. Robert Pease

Theresa Vigarino

Debbie Spellman

Ann Evanston

Rhonda Britten

Raquel Spencer

Norma Hollis

Jesse Brisendine

Allen Vaysberg

Benjamin Bernstein

Jason Nelson

Jennifer Hough

Brad Yates

Sara Troy

Patricia Cagganello

Melissa Lilly Nelson

To Join Free Now, Click Here.


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