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Seeking Good Vibrations

Seeking the balance of good vibrations by Sara Troy

So loving in good vibrations and loving life, is it easy? NO not when you have bad vibrations around you. How do we survive the negative vibes how do we rise above them how do we change channels so they do not affect us??? That is the million dollar question.

I am a blue person which means I am sensitive and open to all emotional vibrations around me both good and bad. It is what makes me a good at my work, radio interviewing, readings, liberating, but it is also what causes me so much pain.

The problem of being so open is that you pick everything up and sometimes with no time to protect yourself. Those bad vibes the ones that come out and attack you from nowhere, cut through you like a knife and leave wounds. I know we can be rational about everything and logic as to why someone is dumping their sh-t on you can be explained but can it be excused? Is your shitty day my fault? Is your life choices my fault, does my kindness give you the right to dump on me? NO NO NO it does not in any way shape or form, so why is it happening?

I know that my English tone of voice makes some people feel I am being a snob, or that my speaking to your possibilities and believing you can succeed can be to some overbearing, but still a dumping ground? I speak in no confrontation I am not looking for an argument but I do react when attacked I know I should rise above it, take a deep breath, let it go, but when it just keeps on coming at you how do you?

This is still something I battle with, in my place of truth (when interviewing people) my work there is an equilibrium, but out there amongst other people I am lost. Am I too friendly? Do I attract people with issues? Do I receive others frustrations with their own life because they think I can fix it? Or am I just a person who aggravates people?

I love peace, I love speaking with innovative liberating people, I am in my heaven when traveling with good vibrations, so what is it that invites such negativity? In our journey to seek and live in good vibrational peace are we going to meet those that wish to stop us or interrupted us? Yes we will, will it unbalance us? Yes at times it will. Will it hurt us? Only if we let it, we can feel the first punch but we do not have to stay around for the next one.

I travel at the higher vibration and bring you people who have redirected their lives into living in their D.I.V.A (DREAMS INSPIRATIONS VISION ASPIRATIONS) and are living a life of truth passion heart soul spirit and knowingness, and now wish to share with you, their liberation. They have learned which tools to use, and the how’s, and they have and do daily refocus their belief’s deleting old patterns embracing new possibilities. They know it is work and dedication and focus, they know they will have challenges and redirects, life will still happen to them good and bad, but they also know they will get through it because they have before and they are so much more stronger now because of it.

That does not mean that they are lala about it, or that they do not hurt or get depressed of sometimes just want to give up, it means that they know who and how to get back up and continue on and releasing the problem so much faster. I am in that challenge right now, I have just left one place due to landlords and now face another who has no idea how rude and inconsiderate he is. I seek balance with him, but when someone is not ready to take that leap into redirecting their lives and chooses to be unhappy, nothing I can do will reach him. My vibration is too high for him, his discontent is too imposing on me, so an impasse, what to do? Move again? No, reason with him one hopes because, in the end, he was to make money and wants people who will respect his property and does he really want to keep having a turnover of tenant’s? But who knows, maybe the need to be right is what guides him, and nothing will change that, or maybe he will want some of the peace I am promoting and be willing to take his own journey, only time will tell.

So for me right now I spend my energy on trying to keep a peaceful balance, live in a world of good vibrations and turn up the volume of possibilities. I can only do what I can do and believe that it will be enough. We are each of us responsible for our own actions and reactions, I hate altercations and unwarranted attacks so I must avoid areas that host such hostility.

Home Sweet Home? I hope so, for balance within our sanctuary is so necessary to living in peace with the outside world. So now I will recharge myself and send out those positive vibes in hopes that they reach him and anyone else who feels they can impose their misery on someone else. You are unhappy to do something about it, redirect, take the journey make the changes to a better state of mind and chose to have people around you that resonate on a happier vibration be willing to invest in your self-worth and seek out the joy of life for yourself, for when you are full you overflow your joy to others and in turn show them a path to a happier place.

Here is seeking some good vibrations and loving wavelengths out to all who need it, may your sanctuary be peaceful, your heart full, your soul open, and your spirit in flight, and with a peace of mind, but also may you have around you people, nature, animals, that celebrate your life.

Good Vibrations to one and all.

Sara Troy.

Written 2014


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