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SE19-04 The Revolutionizing Intimacy Book Celebration & Charity Gala With Tziporah and Friends

Our Sensual Expressions with Sara Troy and her guest Tziporah Kingsbury, on air from January 22nd

Tziporah is supporting an event that supports the children of the street, while also support men and women personal sexual growth.

You are invited to join us for The Revolutionizing Intimacy Book Celebration and Charity Gala With Tziporah and Friends

Revolutionizing Intimacy is a blueprint for us to know ourselves and loved ones in a whole new way.

With this book comes a vision to help us navigate connection in a sometimes disconnected world. It carries a vision for humanity to embody the skills and tools to move beyond our ideas of right and wrong or he said she said so we meet again with high levels of emotional and spiritual intelligence that we create more authentic connection.

The idea of intimacy I am speaking relates to the degree of openness, presence, and compassion we live in each moment and with every being on this planet. You might say it is a blueprint for humanity.




Join us for this sure to be heart opening and insightful night of community raising money for a great cause and offering up a pro-active experience.

With a combination of :

*Education Intimate Interview *Q & A based on the book *Interactive workshop *PLUS community performing arts

Ticket Price Includes:

*Entry fee and a copy of Revolutionizing Intimacy.

All proceeds with go to Children of the Street Society:

“Children of the Street Society is a provincial society and federal charity dedicated to preventing the sexual exploitation and human trafficking of children and youth in British Columbia through education strategies, public awareness initiatives, and family support since 1995”.

Our intention for this gathering is to building bridges, educate, celebrate and create connection.

Three Areas of Focus for the evening:


2. Experiential Workshop/Educational/Book Signing

3. the Artists – Local performers

This event will serve many walks of life and groups such as

1. Act as a platform for building communication skills for men’s groups and businesses , assist team building.

2. Support Women’s Entrepreneur  Groups – An opportunity to help women’s groups fulfill their mission statements in creating empowering experiences for woman to grow and connect together.

3. Navigating everyday intimacy and Emotional Intelligence Tools that will impact personal relationships from the bedroom to professional relationships to the boardroom. This evening will be an intro my work and an opportunity to learn and support a cause.

Tziporah Kingsbury, Founder of Soulful Relating Institute (pronounced Tzi-Por-Ah) is a groundbreaking Transformational Leader, Intimacy expert and Relationship Consultant who has dedicated her life for nearly 2 decades to up leveling the way people relate around the world. Her passion is truly to revolutionize intimacy and to enable people to remember the interconnected nature of life.

These relationships at home or work sprout through the feminine power which lives in the cauldron of your fiery stillness. It is in that place where life starts to make love through you, tuning you into presence & amplifying your inspired turn on to fuel your relationships at home, work & play. Stop forcing to “make it happen” and open up to allowing her to come alive in her magnificence.

Proceeds go to:

The Revolutionizing Intimacy Book Celebration and Charity Gala. 

Facebook link for Event with all event details and tickets :


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