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SE18-49 Nunaisi. Turning Wounds into Golden Power of Sexual Alchemy

Our Sensual Expression with Sara Troy and her guest Nunaisi Ma, on air from December 4th

Nunaisi Ma says that our  Sexual wounds are an epidemic and my sacred mission is to create a global shift in our relationship with our sexuality, to claim the divinity of this primal, creative life force energy. My work is around sexual alchemy- on how to transform wounds into golden power of awakening. My book about my own healing journey after years of molestation is soon coming out with a major publisher.






Nunaisi Ma is a modern-day Priestess. Her ceremonial way of life in deep connection with mother earth and communication with the divine, she channels the message of the goddess.

She is an important teacher of our time.

Nunaisi Unapologetically shines her bright light, as an embodied powerful and sensual woman who transmits the a voice of the ageless wise feminine, through motherhood, relationship, sisterhood, music, dance, joy, pleasure, sexuality and love.

Her spiritual quest around the world with her 20 years partner and three young kids, visiting Ashrams in India, diving into yoga in Bali and ceremonies in Peru and more, including living for years, in Pachamama, in the jungle of Costa Rica. A magical, transformational village of healing, growth and expansion of consciousness.

Her mesmerizing stories are great teachings of forgiveness, compassion, sexual healing, spiritual growth, transformation, empowerment, courage and self-love.

Nunaisi is a qualified Yoga teacher, Breathwork facilitator, Holistic Health Consultant, Reiki master and Spiritual Intuitive.

Diploma in natural health, Iridology, Various types of body work and Counselling.

She is a student of Tantra, Taoism, Indigenous Wisdom and Shamanic practices for over two decades and studied with Mystics and Shamans from around the globe.

She facilitates groups and individuals.

Her mission, is to reclaim the sacred essence of our sexuality on this planet, and to shift the current reality back into its pure, innocent, playful, divine, healing, transformative, love making, creative, manifesting, powerful, magical, joyful, pleasurable, deep, primal, and most abused force in this world.

The link for my FREE offer: 3 part mini series for sexual healing:


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