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RW19-30 Emotional Well-being in Education with Hyacinth Jones

Recovering the Whole of you, with Kiti Adderley and her guest Hyacinth Jones, Taimana Leadership, Consulting for Families, Schools and Corporations. On Air July 18th

Emotional well-being in parenting and educational institutions is often overlooked and children, parents and teachers are suffering because of it. As the pressure mounts to perform and earn points/rewards/salary in our career or educational pursuits, for presumed material comfort, so too do the stress levels and unmet emotional needs of the children, parents and educators. In today’s climate of radical change in collective awareness and attention on sustainability of the planet, we have the opportunity to slow down and re-assess where we are heading to in our standard educational set up and admit that the future is merely a projection of past fears and experiences, which will only produce the same war-mongering results.



If we are to equip the future generations with power and know-how to navigate their futures peacefully yet pragmatically, they need to build on their emotional resilience, natural brilliance and purpose-driven authenticity, all of which Hyacinth insists that developing emotional and social intelligence competency the key. With children it is easy for them to recognize their brilliance, but addressing the emotional stresses and strains of the adults is paramount if we can help them build muscles to overcome emotional blocks we allow the next generation to stand on the shoulders of giants and they will be capable of far greater things than we can perceive.

After years as a legal secretary in London and Brussels, Hyacinth re-trained to become a secondary school teacher in Belgium when her first child turned one. Something was disturbingly wrong with the college experience. As a mother, homemaker, student and trainee teacher, there was an insatiable need for visible vulnerability and personalisation. She wanted to train to become a teacher to stimulate the courageous and galvanise the dreamers, but there wasn’t much room for that in the schedule, which was not much different from 20-30 years ago when she was at school in UK.

Although she suffered burn-out while studying, one thing became apparent and that was her entrepreneurial spirit was not being nurtured in the standard college environment. Hyacinth set out on a mission to prevent parents, educators and students being stuck in lifeless careers yearning to fail fast, often and forward and spontaneously dedicated six years to independent study (and practice – while raising a family, running a home, nurturing her marriage, starting a business and – marginally- keeping her sanity).

Hyacinth finally trained as a Holistic Life Coach and developed a methodology on how to recognise and honour our elemental nature and enhance our inner-leadership potential, promoting self-compassion and improved outlook on relationships, finances, career and health. Over the years Hyacinth has lead workshops/ provided consultation to entrepreneurs, Chief Executives, IT and PR professionals, a national airline, a government conference, local schools and international parent boards.

She has a dream of creating an educational wellness village putting the power of imagination and connection back in the hands of the community, empowering them to dare to dream BIG and striving to reach those dreams together.

LinkedIn: /hyacinth-jones


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