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Robert O. Williams

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What happens when we live all emotions, thoughts and body feelings as love as opposed to just searching for love? We are free to give to others without need or fear. That love is the power and pure heart consciousness.

In Love Is the Power, Robert O. Williams leads readers into the intimate journey of his life through the vivid memories of his unique childhood, an inspiring account of his talent and perseverance as a saxophone player, his introduction to Transcendental Meditation (TM), his magical time performing and recording with The Beach Boys, and the extraordinary journey through multiple near-death experiences and visits with other dimensions which culminated in three decades of research and invention of Quantum Code Technology and the One08 Heart+ App.

The One08 Heart+ App significantly reduces stress by more than 30% and opens the heart chakra, helping move humanity from fear to love. Peace Troubadour James Twyman is the ambassador of the One08 Heart+ App.

Williams said, “The fact that we were able to develop a proven technology to strengthen our physical hearts as well as serve in the awakening of our spiritual hearts is, for me, an indication that we truly can raise consciousness through technology.”

Readers will be transfixed as they learn of Williams’ numerous near-death and out-of-body experiences, which showed him the answer to the purpose of humanity: to realize love. Love Is the Power is not about the search for love, romantic or otherwise; rather, it is about being love.

At a young age, Williams had the ability to see auras and the capacity for clairvoyance. He tuned into the natural world the way not many others have. In Love is the Power, he shares a valuable message, simple yet necessarily vast to its core. The unfolding of his story is stirring and uplifting in its ability to relate to the reader in a way that finds beauty, depth and insight in even what seems the most trivial, or the most challenging life experiences.

The natural world was Williams’ muse as a young child, connecting with nature spirits and a close spirit friend. With the onset of adolescence came the vanishing of these beings, resulting in Williams’ anger, frustration and serious and mysterious physical ailments. Music became an unexpected replacement, as playing the saxophone was now an obsession. While in college he was deeply touched by a photo of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that would forever change the course of his life. He decided to attend Maharishi International University in Iowa.



Williams’ extraordinary talent playing the saxophone eventually landed him his dream job of touring with The Beach Boys. Williams’ search for spirituality reached a pivotal moment when he learned that despite years of dedication to the saxophone, a physical disability would prevent him from playing the instrument he loved for extended periods of time. It was his search for the rekindling of the spirituality of his childhood and his love of music, the “carrier waves of pure heart love,” that led him to discover TM. This discovery was crucial to the events that would happen next: nearly dying multiple times, clear vision and communication with his guru, revelations of sacred geometry, and travels through the dimensions. Uncovering the ultimate Law-Love, Devotion, Surrender-is icing on the cake. Williams’ tenacity and wisdom of the scientific relation between the physical and metaphysical worlds resulted in QCT to move humanity from fear to love-making the world a better place.

About Robert O. Williams:

Robert is considered one of the world’s foremost experts in subtle energy engineering and technology. Robert is an inventor, musician and educator. He lectures at leading universities and is the inventor and developer of Quantum Code Technology. In addition to teaching music at the university level, Robert recorded and performed with such artists as The Beach Boys, Paul Horn and Charles Lloyd. He has worked with prominent scientists including Dr. William Tiller (Stanford), Dr. Beverly Rubik (Berkeley), Dr. Rustum Roy (Penn State) and Dr. Stuart Krassner (UC Irvine).

About One08:

One08 is an innovative global technology company with a mission to improve the lives of all human beings worldwide by developing and bringing to market scientifically based life-changing mobile apps and clean technology products that improve the health, performance and lifestyles of its customers. Future offerings from One08 will include additional mobile apps, and patented clean technology products with Quantum Code Technology to positively affect global resources necessary for healthy living.



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