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Rob Scheer, an ordinary man who saw a need and made the changes happen, which has forever changed the lives of Foster Children. 


A FOREVER FAMILY has the power not just to touch hearts, but to change how its readers see and respond to the issues facing their communities.  This stirring memoir ultimately leaves you with one message: one person can make a difference.

Rob Scheer is the founder of Comfort Cases, a charity whose mission is to inspire communities to bring dignity and hope to the nearly 437,500 youth in foster care in the United States. His interview with Upworthy went viral in February 2017 and garnered over 100 million shares, and he was later featured on Ellen and The Today Show, among others.  In June 2018, CNN named Rob a CNN Hero for his work with Comfort Cases.  He lives with his husband and children in Maryland.

Rob has appeared on Self Discovery Media 3 TIMES.

You can find all the wonderful shows with Rob Sheer done by Sara Troy right here.

Twitter: @comfortcases


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