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RG20-45 LaChelle, Navigating Covid & Business with Kids

Raising our gifted children with Sara Troy and her guest LaChelle Adkins,on air from November 3rd

LaChelle Adkins, America’s Super Mum of 15 children, know about stress and the balancing of work, kids in covid times.

What is life like for a 49 year old woman who has been married to Jerome Adkins for 27 years, who is a retired Major in the United States Army and Pastor of World Fellowship of Jesus Christ and parents of 15 children? It has been adventurous to say the least. Raised as an only child, the transition to staying home and walking away from a career was a hard one to make. The anxiety of doing everything right, pleasing others and seeking validation led to a life of depression that resulted in 3 hospitalizations. However, that period of 13 years of battling depression led to a personal journey to find self. No longer liking the victim mindset, LaChelle came up with a strategy to overcome depression that she has named Fresh start. She is now an inspirational speaker and coach to empower women to be proactive in their mental wellness.

In addition to life coaching she uses her degree in Marketing from Indiana University to help small businesses increase their market share.

LaChelle enjoys accomplishing impossible feats because she believes that is evidence of God working in her life and creates momentum in her life when she is faced with challenges in life. Her goal is to leave a lasting impression with everyone that she meets and add value to make their lives better.

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