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RG19-23 Lost Children and the Soul wound with GrandMother Kaariina

Raising our gifted children the Forgotten Children series with Sara Troy and her guest Grandmother Kaariina Natalie Saarinen, on air from June 4th.

Grandmother Kaariina Natalie Saarinen M Ed Coun,. An educator, keynote speaker, facilitator, activator, Kaariina brings the wisdom gathered over 40 years of experiences to this moment.

Her passionate responses to the needs of youth, her dedicated services in the fields of education, natural medicine, communications, organic gardening, women’s empowerments have yielded a harvest of insights, tools, and realizations.

Given her Mothers Lineage and her Fathers Lineage, the forgotten child is an archetypal wound that has guided her to seek training, relationships, studies, and experiences that offer all opportunities to MEND THE FAMILY HOOP!





Kaariina holds the Golden Reindeer Moon Lodge for women as an antidote to sexual violence.

A four-year Moon Dancer, she carries the Obsidian Pipe for ending gender conflict.

Experienced as a woman chief of sweat lodges, she brings spaciousness and the roots of empathy for those who enter, in order to release 5-7 generations of pain!

Trained in The Results System and The Natural Process, Ms Saarinen is a Priestess in the Divine Orders of Melchzedak. Her REIKI mastery teaching has been offered to over 40 students worldwide. Combined with her international retreat work, her clinical practices, her educational services, various podcasts, her own Messages from the Elders for 3 plus years, and ceremonies for youth at transformational festivals, Grandmother of the Turquoise Heart has touched hundreds of thousands of lives.

You can find more about this commission and assignment on Earth, at

Recognized by her peers, she won a Shell Fellowship

in 1983 for Vocational and Guidance Counselling.

Accepted Parent Educator of the year 1981.

Holds a Bronze Toastmasters certificate as well as a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. Genre: Lost Children (Quantum Healing; Women’s Empowerment; Gender Reconciliation; Spiritual and Financial Abundance)


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