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QS20-38 Creating a Great Life Beyond Fear With Dr. Tom and Ascended Master Kuthumi.

Quantum Spirituality with Sara Troy and her guests Dr Tom & Shelley Negelow, on air September 15th

Creating a Great Life Beyond Fear With Dr. Tom and Ascended Master Kuthumi and his wife Shelley. Fear is out of control, it has become hysterical. How do we rise up above the fear which leads to violence and hate? We step into the vibration of love.

Dr. Tom is the Co-Founder of the Academy for Conscious Living along with his wife, Dr. Shelley Negelow.

We are passionately committed to your healing and learning. And for those of you who are, or choose to become, healers and teachers, you will discover a powerful framework for mastering the experience of energy for your personal healing and learning and to expand your ability to support others in the world.

Our intention at the Academy is to provide you with the learning and experience that will lead you to a healed life and the ability to manifest a life you love.

To your continued healing, growth and success in creating a life you are truly passionate about.

Tom has been in private practice for over 30 years.

Come and hear all the wisdom that guides us towards a more meaningful life and a better world. You can find different ways to listen and see the Podcast shows here.


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