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PVR16-50 Spill Ur Beanz T.V

Positive Vibrations Roundtable with Sara Troy and her guests Nicholas Man &  Jaspreet Anand on air from December 13th 


Spill Ur Beanz will bridge the gap between all of Canada’s different and expansive cultures while breaking down the walls of stereotypical views, displaying the truly diverse nature of its people.

Follow us on our journey as we feature special guests with different beliefs and backgrounds, latest news, lifestyle topics, tips and current events covering multicultural diversity.

 Nicholas Man; As a kid I never really tried in school. With 2 Chinese immigrant parents, I’m sure you could get the idea that they thought School was the only path to success. Well now that I’m running my own digital marketing company, I don’t completely agree with them. I believe they confused 2 terms together, school and knowledge; you need knowledge for any kind of success, you don’t necessarily need school. See, school is very good at teaching a few things, and certainly, you need to go to school to become a doctor or an engineer, but for everything else, there are millions of books, videos and online courses out there. I ended up dropping school after my second year, but I have never stopped learning. I’ve read hundreds of books listened to audio books, watched thousands of hours worth of videos and taken quite a few online courses. Even though I never tried in school, I was good enough to get accepted into UBC for Electrical Engineering and that’s where I started my first business. A painting business. If you’ve ever heard of Student Works Painting they are a painting company that franchises out areas for Students to run their own painting business sure they provided a little bit of support but you’re basically on your own. The marketing and sales, and managing your own painters and clients. Man, that was the most stressful thing I ever did up until that point but even though it was stressful I loved it because I had a chance to make my clients happy and most of them were very wonderful people. I still remember working 16 hour days, especially at the beginning of the season and as I got better and more efficient those hours became shorter. But that’s when the entrepreneurial bug hit me and I’ve done a few business ventures after that and had a chance to make an impact on a few lives. Now I’m a part owner of a talk-show and I run a digital marketing company called Nicholas Man SEO.



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 Jaspreet Anand 

Jas is a 39yr old (Indo Canadian) who was born in  Canada He is the Owner of SippChai Cafe and Director of SOS Media Relations he also is a Host/Exec Producer Spill ur Beanz Being Single he loves to play and coach soccer. Loves to travel. Used to work for WestJett airlines He acquired his Business Mindset while working at a bank.  The giving and make a difference mindset started from a trip to India and a single cup of tea.  Jas Like to serve and help people.




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