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PVR16/37 “Project Bring Me 2 Life” Awakening Humanity’s Spirit

 Positive Vibrations Roundtable with Sara Troy and her guests Christopher “Selomon” Closson & Shannon aka Shantastic Shine airs from September 13th on. 


Project Bring Me 2 Life Mission:

Our mission is to Awaken Humanity to Spirituality and Higher Consciousness as well as promote Global Equality, Unity, Peace and Love. We are actively pursuing our mission with many outlets including our multimedia network, the Bring Me 2 Life Network which includes live radio broadcasts, podcasts and live streaming TV. Our main goal is to have a physical school where we can teach many subjects such as meditation, metaphysics, holistic health, art, music and more!

Project Bring Me 2 Life first became a thing in May of 2011 when Christopher “Selomon” Closson decided to quit his two jobs and find life purpose somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. “I wasn’t sure exactly where in the Rocky Mountain range I was going. I didn’t have a plan except to head out there and see what happens. I was being pulled very strongly by some force much greater than myself. I was leaving to find Truth, to find God, or whatever it was that was pulling me so strongly.”

“Christopher “Selomon” Closson a Spiritual Consultant and Meditation Therapist who enjoys travelling the country hosting” classes and workshops on spiritual topics. One of his presentations was on the Practicality of Meditation in which he presented Meditation to healthcare industry leaders about the benefits and practical applications that it provides. He has presented and performed in Ann Arbor, MI, Detroit, MI, Terra Alta, WV, Cumberland, MD, and Grantsville, MD.

He is also a performer, artist, musician, author, entrepreneur, podcast producer and host and the CEO of Project Bring Me to 2 Life which is a community of Spiritual Leaders using art to speak about metaphysics, holistic health and spirituality.

The name “Selomon” was given to him in 2012 at a gathering of native americans, mayans, peoples of all different races, religions and backgrounds at Mt. Manataka by a group of peers. “Selomon” means a confirmation of spirit allowing Christopher to realize that he is one with the Universe and everything in it.

You can find out more and schedule a personal session with him at


SHANNON aka Shantastic Shine

“ I ask the divine daily to lend me the courage and the wisdom to see, what it is that needs to be. I will do my best to help set those I can free, I believe all are meant to ascend you see. In this world we need to see the dimensions of the world that are truly meant to be. To do so you must remember to set your true self free. “

Shantastic Shine is here to help you in a spiritual way. As a certified Usui Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Energy Therapist, she is here to help you get positively charged, energized, and or relaxed through card readings and intuitive guidance.                                               More on Shantastic GO HERE

She is honoured to be partnered with Spiritual Leader and Founder of Project Bring Me 2 Life and Phoenix Landing, Mr. Christopher Selomon, who is a Meditation Healer. Working together as a powerful duo, they have both received praise for their loving power-team relationship giving her a great background in spiritual love and relationship building.

Miss Shine gives life coaching in the areas of motivation, relationships, moving on in a positive manner after the loss of a loved one and finding your divine path.

Other projects and workshops that Shannon facilitates include: Shine Time Photography, Shantastic Shine’s Paint Time, Connecting with Spirit, Orgonite creation and activation, Crystal Healing, Shine Synergy Crystal Jewelry and more.



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//



More on your host SARA and her positive-living-roundtable



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