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PVR16/16 Living Spirits After Death with Laura & Daniela

Positive Vibrations Roundtable with Sara Troy and her guests Laura Hoorweg & Daniela Norris aired from April 19th 0n.  

Does our spirit continue after death? do we still know who we were, and where do we go? 


Laura’s passion is to empower people to live their lives in the most authentic and passionate way possible, aligning their lives with their own divine mission and discovering and developing their own spiritual gifts. “We are truly spiritual beings having a physical experience and not the reverse!”

Laura is a gifted Psychic, Medium and Spiritual counsellor. She started her spiritual journey at the tender age of 11 in search of God and the Angels, visiting multiple churches and places of worship by herself, even though she was not raised in a spiritual or religious family. She had an extraordinary transcendental out of body experience on the top of a cliff at the age of 15 which changed her concept of this world and what lies beyond it forever. Over the course of her life-long spiritual journey, Laura has had many close calls and brushes with death but has always miraculously been rescued and protected by her group of Angels, Guides, and Masters, she calls “The Guardians”. This group assists her in her work with others and always provides a loving and sacred space for her readings.

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Daniela I. Norris is Canadian-Israeli, a former diplomat turned political writer and – with age and wisdom – inspirational author and speaker.


When we lost my healthy, fit and handsome twenty-year-old brother in a drowning accident in 2010, I was in a state of shock and deep grief, like anyone in a similar situation, would be. But as the weeks and months passed, I embarked on a spiritual journey, trying to understand death, bereavement – and life. I read books, attended seminars and talks, grief counselling sessions and even a few sessions of hypnotherapy, and more specifically – Past Life Regression. I was curious and thought: why not, I’ve got nothing to lose.

There’s one funny thing about dead people, and that’s that you can talk to them all you want, and they can’t talk back. Or can they? Ask anyone who’s lost a loved one, and many will tell you that the dead can actually talk back. Whether in a dream, a whisper in the wind or your imagination, our dead friends and relatives are always there with us, even years after they’ve passed on.

A spiritual and psychological novel, Recognitions explores the concepts of past lives, recognition of people and their roles in our present lives and life lessons. Recognitions is the first of a trilogy. To order please visit your favourite independent book store or click here or here

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