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PVR16/12 The Art of Recycling & Feeding the Masses

Positive Vibrations Roundtable with Sara Troy and her guests John Hood and Aeron Jensan aired from March 22nd on. 

John Hood sent this ART to the  Vatican and was accepted by His Holiness Pope Francis, confirmed by Chief of Staff Monsignor .


Every year John Hood blesses various Faith Families around the world with a gift of his depiction of Christ. In turn many faith leaders and art critics have responded with expressions of gratitude.  They have also declared his art worthy of bringing to the attention of Pope Francis and the Vatican. Thus John is beginning an artistic pilgrimage nurturing the hope that a divine intervention will one day see his depiction of Christ gracing the revered corridors of the Vatican.

John likes the picture so much and His Holiness likes it as well he thought he would like to take it a little further and help humanity around the world.

You can buy this poster just contact John here

During my networking I made friends with the Canadian Commander of the White Knights of Malta and this year they presented me with their Light Award. This is for ordinary people who have stepped up in a big way to help humanity.

The Commander introduced me to the Duchess de Rochefort, who has since endorsed my artwork and appointed me to her Royal Court as an Agricultural Advisor.

Then last month, I became the Recipient of the Order of the Royal House de Rochefort Original Holy Trinity, Order if Merit. This is given to people who stand up the the Environment, educating the children, and helping humanity. Other recipients are: His Holiness Pope Francis, SAS Prince Albert ll, Robert Weaver, Oprah Winfrey and Kofi Annon.

John says.” My Gardening business is now tied to my art because through Linked-in I have made a connection with a businessman in Vancouver who dehydrates food for soil adamants, but he is also able to take veggies/produce past it’s best and dehydrate those”.

We have contacted the Pattison Group of Overwaite chain President Mr. Glen Clark, and hope to hear back a good response to this project.

The Gardening Guru is in the running for the Best Green Business Award.

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To hear my last radio interview with John go here



For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:


Aeron Jensan

Distributer for CITYPOD, Impact Bioenergy, GAIA Dehydrater, Justbiofiber, Surrey Red Wigglers, Captain Recycling owner.

Having invested the last 20 years into the business of picking up junk and garbage and a service called recycling, you could say that I’ve confirmed almost everything we call ‘junk and garbage’ can be recycled.

In the past seven years my focus has been on this transition, teaching others how and what to recycle.  Our service of picking up garbage that is source separated saves our customers money and is an incentive to continue to keep their hauling costs low.

           I call it Captain Recycling with a catchy tag, turning your garbage into recycling.

Well before the recent by-laws that prohibit food waste going into the garbage stream, I got busy with about 150 customers; task:  source separate, recycle. We did field studies of source containment for their organics and how to best give us, their hauler, their food waste.  In a 20 litre pail that we re-line each time.  This has worked most effectively, so far.

I calculated that in order to compost up to 1/3 of a growing client base that source separates, I would have to process between 3,000 and 5,000 lbs per month within 3 years.

Composting ‘rapidly’ became a project.  How to process ‘time efficiently’   Very quickly, between 2007 and 2014 the volume increased.  I knew there were mechanical options and they required research. There were no conclusions to this research other than having to buy the machines of choice and use them to compliment one another.

Next step: Develop a greenhouse operation that produces nutritious soil. 

I set out to develop Vermiculture and Vermicompost with the end product of these machines.  I’ve learned it’s quite a challenge and that It is quite possible that I could produce more end product than I could store.  How to utilize this product most effectively is one of the biggest challenges.

So far, I have only 2 of 3 machines operational, one being a rotational drum that composts 120 lbs of macerated feedstock per day, called a CITYPOD, the other being a dehydrator that processes 100 lbs in a 9 hour cycle, called a GAIA GC 100.


What has brought me together with John is our mutual interest in finding the best use of dehydrated organics.  How to replenish food gardens with a 10 – 1 soil amendment How to process 500 lbs of banana or peppers – into 50 lbs of sterilized dehydrated feedstock and send it to places around the globe that are food starved.

In closure, to best answer ‘why’ am I doing this.  As a business person, hauler, I want to take this weight off my loads.  I pay for weight – so there is a daily economic incentive.

Job creation.  Removing food waste is an average of 40% off my dump fees.  I take this savings and put it into the job creation account of composting with machines.

Reduce carbon emissions by targeting methane, 10 times the effect of carbon on global warming.

Create nutritious soil and fertilizers and dehydrated edible food  – local and global markets

All ready parties are getting interested in this project.


More info here More on your host Sara and other Roundtables go to...positive-living-roundtable




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