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PVR 17-007 Parenting Autisic Children

Positive Vibrations Roundtable with Sara Troy and her guests Lilias Ahmeira and Janet Walmsley, on air from February 14th 


We share the stories or those who have Autism but do we hear from the parents of Autistic children and the struggle they go through, not really, so today we are speaking to two mothers of Autistic children who because of their loving sacrifice and dedication have two very functioning children today. 

Janet Walmsley.

When Jenny was first diagnosed with Autism it has been Janet’s mission to support Jenny 110% and raise Autism awareness and bring out the positive of Autism and not the usual stigma with it. Janet has and does work tirelessly in every avenue to provide all the support and opportunities for her daughter and be her constant rock, her voice, and sounding board. Even going out of Canada to research Autism, find more support and further her knowledge about caring for her daughter. Even though diagnosed with Breast Cancer in July of 2014, Janet published her own book, The Autistic Author, and Animator, A Mother’s View of a Daughter’s Triumph, as Janet and Jenny wanted to publish their books at the same time and do book events and talks together. It is also a best seller and Jenny’s story is reaching out and touching the hearts of many people. Her story is not only to reach out to the Autistic community but to everyone.


Lilias Ahmeira.

When Lilias’ son was born with autism, traditional doctors told her that her son had little to no chance of having a normal life. Lilias, a precipitous learner, faced with a huge challenge, studied every book, course or seminar she could on healing the body naturally and studied with some of the best minds in the world. Not only was she able to treat her son who is now 17 years old and is studying away at college; but she has gained much notoriety in her field. Lilias has treated people from royalty to rock stars and a multitude of backgrounds and careers. Huge numbers of people have gone on to live vibrant and active lives because of her work and she shows no evidence of slowing down.

She is known for her work with autoimmune disorders, Autism, Lyme disease and Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS) and getting results.



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