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PVR 16/32 Save Your Life Symposium… Join Now

Positive Vibrations Roundtable with Sara Troy and her guests Prudence Sinclair and Lynnis Woods-Mullins aired from August 19th on. 


Take charge of your whole health your whole life.

Pru and Lynnis have put together a symposium of experts in the health field to guide you to whole health, they have walked the walk and know what your going through come here in how they can help you, the symposium is over, but  the full video series of 20 global health experts is available to you. 

A personal note from Prue:  I created this symposium out of total frustration. Frustration from getting hundreds of emails from lovely people just like you who are struggling with their health and not feeling like you have any hope to heal your life.

We know how you feel. We were where you are right now, and we are here with experience, research, education and love to help you make sense of all the confusion.

Science has proven now that when we change our lifestyle, we can save our lives. This is called the Science of Epigenetics.

This is no longer woo-woo stuff, and your doctor may not know anything about it. This is why there is so much confusion about treatment options and what you can do to heal and save your life.

I often wonder, what took science so long to catch on!

Sign up lovely you for free and let’s get educated and offer you hope to heal your life.

With love, passion & gratitude,


I’d like to introduce the lovely Lynnis Woods-Mullins, my co-host, devil’s advocate and Wellness Woman extraordinaire. Lynnis is a holistic living and wellness expert. She is CEO/founder of PraiseWorks Health and Wellness, a holistic living and wellness company that specializes in educating women over 40 about total wellness for their mind, body and spirit.

Lynnis came into my life very recently and we have combined our talents and expertise to bring you this amazing one-of-a-kind symposium. Watch out for surprises and magical moments we will share with you over the next 10 days.

We are going to tell you all about it on this show, who is speaking, what it is about, and how is sets you FREE.

20 world-renowned Premier Presenters are going to blow your mind with their true life-changing stories, facts, science, and thought-provoking evidence that you can use to heal and save your life.

Remember: YOU are powerful beyond measure.



    For mobile/tablets you can download free apps here:  http;//


These are some of your presenters:

Dr. Terry Wahl       Dr. Barry Sears         Dr. Andrea Pennington

Chris Wark                    Dr. Michael Greger          Dr. Kathy Gruver

Jennifer Ettinger         Prudence Sinclair             Lynnis Woods-Mullins

For Save Your Life FULL Symposium Package which Contains:

  1. Digital video session recordings: 20 hours of inspiring, empowering interviews from our Premier Presenters on how to heal and save your life just like they did so you can live your best life now.

  2. Lifetime access to your private library where you can watch, listen and learn whenever you wish – priceless!

  3. Life time of health wisdom from those who have made the journey and share their life time wisdom and expertise with you, for you.


You have diabetes.  You have lupus.  You have arthritis.  You have fibromyalgia.

You have hypertension. You have cancer. You have stress and anxiety. 

When our precious life is threatened, we find ourselves trying to remember how we got here in the first place.

We find ourselves thinking about the future and what that will look like, or if we’ll even have a future to wonder about.

We start to worry and say to ourselves, “What am I going to do?” They have the answers for you, it is never too late to changed directions and heal. 



Prudence Sinclair Creator / Producer / Presenter

28 years ago Prue was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma and given only 6 months to live. Instead of dying she got educated and learned how to participate in her whole health and life. She studied anti-inflammatory and raw organic nutrition (Hippocrates Health Institute & Dr. Barry Sears, Zone Nutrition) and continues her education in the Quantum Model of Reality – the power of the mind to heal – and the role of Epigenetics (turning on your good genes). She re-wired her brain, changed her state, and healed herself of stage 4 cancer. Her tragic moments became magic moments, and she now dedicates her life to inspire, inform and ignite people to become CEO of their journey back to health and vibrancy.

Through her travels to Australia, Asia, Mexico, Brazil, Europe and the USA, Prue has attained education and expertise in Business, Human Resource Management, Health & Wellness, Natural Holistic Methodologies, Mindfulness and Meditation. Her work at cancer and mind-body healing clinics and research centers around the world have provided her with three decades of innovative healing therapies, techniques and abundant knowledge, which she now shares with others so they may heal their lives.

Her innovative, comprehensive 6-week online program “You Can Save Your Life” has recently been published to help people map out a plan to heal their lives. This course, which Prue calls “common sense medicine,” is for people struggling with stress, weight and body issues, cancer & chronic inflammatory diseases. Her program helps them to become passionate about their life and powerful beyond measure so they may fully participate in their life. All of Prue’s programs and services complement traditional and non-traditional therapies.

Prue continues to devote her energies and expertise to help others become CEO of their whole health – their whole life. SIGN UP FOR PRUE’S PROGRAMS HERE


Lynnis Woods-Mullins Co-host of Save Your Life Symposium and CEO/Founder of Praise Works Health and Wellness

Lynnis Woods-Mullins, CHC, CLC is a Holistic Living and Wellness Expert. She is Co-host of Save Your Life Symposium and CEO/Founder of Praise Works Health and Wellness, a holistic living and wellness company that specializes in educating women over 40 about total wellness for their mind, body and spirit.

Lynnis is the Publisher and Editor-In-Chief of “Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond E-Magazine” Lynnis is the host and producer of a featured program on BlogTalk “The Wellness Journey-LIVE!” and “The Wellness Woman Show”. Her shows are heard on I-Heart Radio, Itunes, Soundcloud, PodBean, YouTube, Spreaker , Self-Discovery Radio Network and over 25 other internet and terrestrial distribution channels. Lynnis is the co-author and editor of the e-book “DeStress The Mess-Minimizing the Impact of Stress on Your Body, Maximizing the Joy in Your Life” and author of “Ageless Beauty”. Lynnis also has coaching programs and on-line classes for holistic stress reduction and mid-life wellness. She has also produced and directed a low-impact fitness DVD for women over 40. Lynnis has been recognized nationally as a Health Advocate for women and was recently a finalist for WEGO Health Advocacy Award and received Visionary Business of The Year by the National Association of Women Owned Businesses in 2015.

Over the last seven years she has done countless radio shows, and appeared in print media throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Lynnis is also has performed professionally across the Unites States as professional Praise Dancer. Lynnis is married and the proud mother of 4 grown Daughters, and three beautiful grandchildren.

Lynnis was a Self Discovery host with us, you can find her shows  GO HERE


More on your host GO HERE


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