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PVR 15/40 Inner Sensuality, Heart Sexuality = Our Life Force

Positive Vibration Roundtable with Sara Troy and her guests Tziporah Kingsbury and Bill Mackie aired October 6th-13rd

Relationship with self, spiritually, physically, sensually, sexually is key to truly living a fully vibrant interactive life. Tziporah and Bill will guide us forward into living a sexual sensual life. 

Tziporah Kingsbury, Founder of Soulful Relating Institute (pronounced Tzi-Por-Ah) is a groundbreaking Transformational Leader, Intimacy expert and Relationship Consultant who has dedicated her life for nearly 2 decades to up leveling the way people relate around the world. Her passion is truly to revolutionize intimacy and to enable people to remember the interconnected nature of life.

Most recently known for being on “The Bachelor” as “America’s Love Guru” Tziporah specializes in helping entrepreneurs who are struggling with the stress of that over-busy mind and trying to “make it happen” mentality, shift into trusting their true essence, so they can feel tuned in, turned on, and create “real” authentic connections at home, work and play.

Tziporah has been called an alchemist, shaman and true explorer of life. Her roots are deep in shamanic practice, creating pathways to spiritual and emotional health. She has decades of training in many disciplines including Integrated Breathwork (Transformational Breathwork ™), various yogic and shamanic traditions, movement therapy meditation, conscious communication empathy development, tantra, psycho-spiritual counselling, life coaching, body science and conscious sexuality. For 12 years she studied and worked by the side of one of the world’s top leaders in breathwork, Dr. Judith Kravitz.

While there are romantic benefits of her work, her practice is primarily about how we–individuals and partners–may uncover and clear the emotional heaviness to awaken the awareness of an intimate inter-connections between each moment and all beings. There is a fullness in her method that goes beyond merely constructing a process to enable romance, or a technique to act intimately. Essentially, Tziporah teaches how to live a holistically intimate life.

Tziporah mentors her clients how to tap into their sexual power as a healing force. Her wisdom and training provide tools for cultivating interdependent relationships that thrive through empowering and compassionate communication. Under her guidance, relationships of all kinds thrive with power, truth and pleasure.

Those who work in sessions with her feel an instant understanding that they are safe, even as they are stretched beyond what their initial understandings are about themselves, about romance, about intimacy, even about love. Tziporah helps people to feel safe again, to be still enough to listen to their bodies and to embrace their fears and emotions. She guides people to realize and embody a life lived turned on, connected,  and empowering their sexuality with spiritual presence.



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Bill Macquis describes himself as ”I am a humble man who embarked on a life long journey with god at my side. There to guide and teach me on how to live life with true purpose, meaning and dignity.”

This is one of the many profound statements you may encounter Bill making during a casual conversation with him because Bill does not consider himself to be a religious person nor does he follow any prescribed faith. His belief is that God is deeply embedded into the very genetic code we are made from and it is through the relationship with S.E.L.F. (Soul Enabled Life Force) that one discovers their true purpose and meaning in life.

Bill believes that we are sexual sensual creatures and need to be in both senses as it is what governs us in every aspect of our lives. Learning to use these senses to tune in and follow our sensual sexual emotions guides us towards living in our true embracement of life.

He has died and come back, broken his back 4 times and healed himself, has Parkinson’s; he was born with O.C.P (Obsessive Compulsive Phenomenon) known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and understands how energy in our bodies work and has unique knowledge on how the brain processes information for which he has developed a very deep comprehensive program around.

Bill who lives with health diversity daily focuses the mind on accomplishing the impossible, transforms the unimaginable into reality. I am very thankful and fortunate for being blessed with all of these life experiences. It is these experiences that have moulded and transformed me into the man that I am.


For a list of miracles that he was gifted in his life visit his bio page bill-smokn-dawgmacquis and Better yet why don’t you tune in each week here on S.E.l.F. Discovery Radio for Wise Health with Suma Nathan and Bill.  wise-health..        ………

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 My past show with Tziporah


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