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PLV 16/14 The Living Wonderment of Children’s books.

Positive Vibrations Roundtable with Sara Troy and her guests Barrett Clemmensen Powell  and Dawattie Basdeo aired April 5/16

Children’s books invite imagination and that is the very seeding of possibilities that creates future opportunities. Both of my guests write from their inner child’s wonderment.

 Barrett Clemmensen Powell

Since releasing “Lori Leak Travels to Paris” I have been sharing it across the Internet and using to engage in conversations on-line and in local groups, about empowering girls. Lori Leak was published just before the 1000 Black Girl Books movement, which sparked attention to the lack of children’s literature featuring female heroines and role models for Black girls. This is an important conversation, globally. Currently, I am busy introducing the Lori Leak to libraries and classrooms in Denmark where I am residing right now. “Lori Leak Travels to Paris” is being used to teach English to 4th through 6th grade Danish children.

Barrett’s previous show with me.

The second book is being created and is titled “Lori Leak Travels to Copenhagen”.

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 Dawattie Basdeo

Founder of Holistic World Ltd  

I founded Holistic World with the vision of opening Holistic World centers globally. The mission of the centers being that to provide a modern day sanctuary on the high street for the mind  body and soul. Stemming from my wish to provide inspiration and good well-being for my children and children all over the world I had the idea to write a series of children ’s yoga books which children could read and enjoy individually or as an adult.    The aim of the Magnificent Me, Magnificent You series is to highlight to children the many wonderful qualities they have within and also the amazing beauty and power of the natural world.

Each book in the series has an adventure based around a Natural Wonder of the world along with lots of fun activities to inspire mind, body, and soul. My inspiration and ideas for the books have been drawn from my own personal life experiences such as running up Table Mountain, swimming with turtles in the sea, doing fire walks, giving birth to my children plus lots more.



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Dawattie’s previous show with me

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