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P15/18b Tziporah on Sex Sensuality and Spirit

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Tziporah Kingsbury originally aired  May 5th.

Tziporah  Bridges Sensuality, Sexuality and Spirituality.


Tziporah’s mission is to awaken and empower individuals and couples to access and clear emotional suppressions, develop deep states of intimacy, cultivate the richness in communication and discover the keys to living a life of truth, presence and pleasure.

Tziporah Kingsbury (pronounced Zi-Por-Ah) is a groundbreaking intimacy expert, Integrative Breathwork Specialist and Spiritual Midwife who has dedicated her life for nearly 2 decades to being of service to helping others in transforming their lives and returning to truth, presence and pleasure.

Her roots are deep in shamanic practice, creating pathways to spiritual and emotional health. She has decades of training in many disciplines including Integrated Breath work (Transformational Breathwork ™), various yogic and shamanic traditions, movement therapy meditation, conscious communication empathy development, tantra, psycho-spiritual counselling, life coaching, body science and conscious sexuality. As well Tziporahs work has been influenced by her vast experience in various styles of bodywork, wholistic healing arts, “the work” by Byron Katie , self-inquiry, meditation.

Tziporah has been seen on ABC’s The Bachelor in 2015 where they named her “The Love Guru”. As well has been interview nationally and internationally for her work.

Tziporah’s initial focus began with an exploration of body consciousness early in her teens. As a young adult, she turned to bodybuilding, eventually establishing herself as an accomplished competitor and trainer. While she appreciated the discipline, she discovered wellness is about much more than the physical body.  She set her path to learning about all dimensions of the human experience—and began exploring many healing modalities.

Dedication to deepening her spirituality and expanding her expertise led her to spend years honing her skills in Switzerland where she trained in a variety of disciplines and first encountered Integrated Breathwork. The last layer of her skills was acquired through studying the Eastern and Western body of expertise and educational programs in human sexuality and inter-relating skills. This combination prepared Tziporah to develop her unique methodology for mentoring individuals and couples so they may find and experience that wellspring of intimacy and love within themselves and with their partners.



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While there are romantic benefits of her work, her practice is primarily about how we–individuals and partners–may uncover and clear the emotional heaviness to awaken the awareness of an intimate inter-connectedness between each moment and all beings. There is a fullness in her method that goes beyond merely constructing a process to enable romance, or a technique to act intimately. Essentially, Tziporah teaches how to live a wholistically intimate life.

Tziporah mentors her clients how to tap into their sexual power as a healing force. Her wisdom and training provide tools for cultivating interdependent relationships that thrive through empowering and compassionate communication. Under her guidance, relationships of all kinds thrive with power, truth and pleasure.

Those who work in sessions with her feel an instant understanding that they are safe, even as they are stretched beyond what their initial understandings are about themselves, about romance, about intimacy, even about love.

Tziporah helps people to feel safe again, to be still enough to listen to their bodies and to embrace their fears and emotions. Together with Tziporah her clients are able to enter in a world feeling centred, clear in who they are, confident, passionate, aware and present. She guides people to live so in touch with who they are and empowered to be seen, heard and felt that life turns from black and white to High Definition Color.

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