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P15/18a Monsanto the G.M.O Truth.

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guests, Lili Dion, Teresa Lynne and Tony Mitra aired from May 5th/15. 


Know your foods, see what you are eating, know the facts of what it is doing to your body, know your rights, and know what you can do about it.

There is always an answer, but it requires us to participate in our own decision making to live a healthy life.



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Lili Dion is an early 30’s food activist, animal activist, and mother to a 6-month-old son. She had been organizing the March Against Monsanto in Vancouver since the fall of 2013 with the aim of changing the event’s tone from a protest to a family-friendly educational event.

If you don’t know what Monsanto is, watch this movie. If you don’t know what GMO stands for, look at the film. If you have a health condition(like colitis, gastrointestinal, extreme food allergies, etc.) with unanswered questions, watch this movie. Find out how Agent Orange and your food supply have something in common.

Be a part of the solution, not the problem.


Teresa Lynne:

Teresa Lynne is a mother and grandmother with a passion for ensuring a healthy, sustainable food system for generations to come. She is a marketing and communications professional, campaign strategist, and a Certified Life Coach and Wellness Counselor.

After watching the film ‘Future of Food’ eight years ago, Teresa got curious and started researching genetically engineered foods (GE or GMOs). Soon she concluded that our food system is in danger – that GMOs and their associated pesticides were harming the environment and all of life.

Since then, she has been volunteering with GE Free BC, a grassroots non-profit society which supports non-GMO, sustainable agriculture. A few years later she started a GE free group in her community, the Tri-Cities. Teresa liaises with other groups and organizations across Canada on campaigns.

Current campaigns: Stop the GM Apple campaign, GE Free zones in BC, GMO Enquiry 2015 (with Canadian Biotechnology Action Network, CBAN)


 Tony Mitra:

Tony stands for educating our options.

Citizen action in a) getting a lab that will test Canadians and their food for the presence of Glyphosate (Monsanto’s RoundUP herbicide) and b) citizen driven initiative to test food and put up on the web as self-driven labelling of food, bypassing Govt and industry.

He is a Retired Marine Engineer, Ship Management Executive and quality assurance consultant, Food security activist, blogger, podcaster, writer, interviewer, videographer, public speaker

My Blog:

Twitter: @Tonymitra

EVENT IN Vancouver BC Canada May 23rd ,  the turnout was a great success and I was there, Guest speakers include Dr. Thierry Vrain, Kenneth H Young, CD, Daniel Bissonette,(who I have since interviewed) Tony Mitra. Music provided by Earthbound George.  Videography, reporting and coverage by Dan Dicks of  Photography by Elizabeth Lawrence. Kids entertainment by A Flutter of Faeries. Local vendors and sponsors will be in attendance and/or be providing fundraising raffle prizes. Stand with them on the accountability and education of G.M.O. FOODS.


More on your host Sara Troy and her many shows go to Your host Sara Troy

More information and participation  here

My Interview with Daniel the 10-year-old advocate for organic foods. the-voice-of-our-children


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