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P15/17b Applauding Women Magazine

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Susan Caldwell aired from April 28th on.  

Applaud magazine originated in 2003 as a print publication focusing on women in NH, MA & ME. In 2009 it became Applaud Women magazine and transitioned to a quarterly online magazine continuing with the same demographic.

In 2012 Applaud Women became Applaud Women LLC which just recently has transitioned into a global women’s magazine. We are very excited to see where it goes from here. So far Susan has connected with hundreds of women all over the country and some outside the country. She is very thankful to have this opportunity to expand and share her passion with so many new women.

Owner/Publisher/Editor/Graphic Designer of Applaud Women LLC’s online magazine to inspire, inform & applaud women everywhere. And, creator, manager of the Intl Super Cyber Mall, an online mall with 150 national & international retail stores in 25 different categories from Apparel to Travel; High end to Low cost, for the whole family all on one webpage. Now do all your shopping online from the comfort of your home or office and save money at the same time.

THE PUBLICATION – Currently the magazine is focused on women globally; to inspire, inform & applaud them. It contains articles by internationally known experts/writers e.g. Dr. Wayne Dyer (Personal Growth Advice), Dr. Christiane Northrup (Health Advice), Business professionals (Recipes, Dating, Parenting, Beauty, Fashion, Home, Business, Finance, Marketing, Social Media, etc.) sharing their business expertise and staff writers sharing inspirational women articles and other articles of interest to women.

EDUCATION – Susan holds two Bachelor degrees; a

  1. BA in Liberal Arts

  2. BS in Accounting with a Minor in Business Adminstration

  3. She also holds a Masters in Elementary Education and

  4. Certificate in Graphic Design and Illustration.

Applaud Women magazine’s purpose is to inform, inspire and applaud women around the globe. It brings each reader a combination of staff writers sharing articles on topics we feel are important; small business experts sharing their expertise and a slew of internationally known experts each with their particular brand of wisdom. AW magazine is not a niche women’s magazine only focused on one or two areas of interest – Women are our niche and we want to provide information on as many facets of their lives as possible. After all we’re not just business or career women, wives, moms, daughters etc. we have many roles and we want our magazine to reflect as many of these as possible. So you’ll find articles about: Food, Dating, Marriage, Parenting, Personal Growth, Beauty, Fashion, Health & Wellness, Home, Business and our most inspirational section of all – our Inspirational Women articles. In each section which includes our affiliate businesses we’ll be sharing product information with direct links so that readers are able to purchase directly from the pages of the magazine. Readers will also find these mini mall sections in different areas of the magazine e.g. Food, Parenting, Fashion etc. Although our affiliate retailers are too numerous to list you’ll see Target, Ghirardelli, Starbuck and high end department stores like Saks, Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor.

Who are our internationally known experts and how were we able to bring them to you? Some of the experts are definitely recognizable: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Ali Brown. Many of our experts are part of the Hay House Publishing community which is one of our largest affiliates. Each of our affiliates were contacted personally to request editorial material that we could share with our readers. Some provided us with editorial specifically for us and others gave us permission to use certain websites where material was already available. We only choose the best of the best for our readers.


Social Medias:

Additionally the current magazine can be found at and prior issues are at

More on your host Sara Troy and her many shows go to choose-positive-living

More on Susan’s journey.

My story started in a sleepy little section of Long Island called Idle Hour, originally one of the estates of William K Vanderbilt. What had once been the mansion was owned by a subsidiary of Sealtest Foods where my dad worked creating new flavors of ice cream & where we had Christmas parties in the Hunt room. It was pretty idealic. Things changed pretty rapidly though when I went away to college, met a local guy before I’d even been there a year, got married at 18, and was a mom at 19. A couple years later after having my second beautiful little girl I realized that I needed to grow up fast and figure a way to get myself and my girls out of a bad situation. So I went back to college for my first Bachelor degree. Some years later after visiting an old friend in New Hampshire I moved us here, used my BA in Liberal Arts to obtain a job with the state welfare organization and continued my journey as a single mom supporting my kids and seeking a better life. Believing that higher education was the right route to higher earnings and a more fulfilling life I earned another Bachelors (Accounting), which I used to work as an accountant/auditor for 11 yrs. and finally looking for another career change earned a Masters in Elementary Ed. Before actually starting my third career, thankfully or not, life intercepted. My parents passed away when I was in my 50’s and I decided that since I no longer was responsible for anyone else it was time to figure out what I really wanted to be when I grew up. With the help of tests, a great life coach and my own creativity I decided to create a magazine (yup back to school, but this time only a certificate in Graphic Design). Because I’ve always felt that women did not get the credit that they deserve and because I wanted to be someone who makes a difference I decided to focus my magazine on inspiring women and being a resource for providing them with the information to make the best decisions in their life. Originally the magazine (Applaud magazine) was in print for 7 years but in 2009, like a lot of other publishers I transitioned to a digital publication (Applaud Women magazine). For the first 11 years the magazine was focused largely on women in my local area, NH, MA & ME but in the fall of 2013 I felt it was time for a change. It was time to take a step outside my comfort zone, expand the reach and the editorial of the magazine. Since then I have had a wonderful time connecting with women around the US and in other countries. At the same time I became involved with affiliate marketing which both allowed me to share some wonderful editorial from Hay House and other international experts and provide my readers with the convenience of shopping with major retailers from Target to Donna Karan directly from the pages of the magazine.  Beginning in 2015 I have again transitioned, this time from a free to a subscription based publication.

It’s been quite a journey but I’ve gained many friendships and learned many lessons along the way. I’ve been blessed to have had many experiences that I would not have had including interviewing Carol Channing & radio personality Delilah (both in person), authors Sarah Ban Breathnack & Janet Evanovich, Movie & TV Actress Yin Chang, Radio Hosts Nancy Ferrari & Susan Stackpole, Director & Film Maker Arlene Bolgna, and soon to be included Radio Host Sara Troy. I also conducted a Q & A via email for an article on both Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton (who I was able to meet in person). My most inspirational project was to create a tribute article to Princess Diana which included exclusive comments from one of her best friends Rosa Monckyon (former CEO for Tiffany’s in London) and whose daughter became Diana’s goddaughter. Other quotes and photos were obtained from organizations that she worked with and children that she visited in the hospitals.  I was very grateful to have been able to get the support of these people in order to complete this project.

I’m so glad that I made this decision because it really fits with my heart as I have always felt like a person of the world rather than any specific area. With that decision I changed my marketing & editorial plan to include affiliate marketing which has enabled me to add some wonderful articles by such internationally renowned writers/speakers as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Dr. Christiane Northrup  and more. At the same time I also created an online mall with 150+ national & international retailers. retails stores. I think the best part of this whole journey is that I’ve had the opportunity to grow in skill, learning, and as a person but also because of the wonderful women that I’ve met along the way.


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