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P15/16b Yoga Kids and A Holistic World

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Troy and her guest Dawattie Basdeo aired from April 21st on. 

Founder of Holistic World Ltd  

I founded Holistic World with the vision of opening Holistic World centers globally. The mission of the centers being that to provide a modern day sanctuary on the high street for the mind body and soul. Stemming from my wish to provide inspiration and good well-being for my children and children all over the world I had the idea to write a series of children’s  yoga books which  children   could read and enjoy individually or with an adult.    The aim of the Magnificent Me, Magnificent You series is to highlight to children the many wonderful qualities they have within and also the amazing beauty and power of the natural world.

Each book in the series has an adventure based around a Natural Wonder of the world, along with lots of fun activities to inspire mind, body and soul. My inspiration and ideas for the books have been drawn from my own personal life experiences such as running up Table Mountain, swimming with turtles in the sea, doing fire walks, giving birth to my children plus lots more.



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The Magnificent Me, Magnificent You, Grand Canyon story and activity book aims to empower young children to nurture their physical selves and develop their emotional well-being, whilst also building on their knowledge of the world they live in.Running alongside the adventure story is a range of fun activities, ranging from yoga postures, breathing exercises, singing, dancing, games, guided relaxations and massage exercise.


Magnificent Me, Magnificent You Empowerment Cards for Kids, Written Dawattie Basdeo, Illustrated Angela Cutler 

card box front 1b

The modern world provides children with many challenges, whether it be self-esteem issues triggered by media images, peer pressure or changing family structures.The Magnificent Me, Magnificent You Empowerment cards aim to provide children with positive food for thought to support children in the knowledge that they are unique and special with many gifts at their disposal to support them on their life’s journey.Play it as a family and set the platform to have an honest conversation with your children to learn more from them.


I am a mother, I love Yoga, meditation, dancing, music, travelling, learning about new cultures. I have holidayed to different countries and also lived in several, Guyana, Spain, South Africa Israel and currently a resident of the UK.

Dawattie Basdeo

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