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P15/12b SPELLING IT OUT book series

Positive Living Vibrations hosted by Sara Troy presents our PLV Radio host Julieanne O’Connor  originally aired March 24th-30th

Born outside of Reno, Nevada, Julieanne O’Connor was raised on severely contaminated property where she lost her father to Lymphoma Cancer at a young age, and was told she too would one day die of cancer from the toxins.  On a mission to discover what created meaningful relationships during her precious time on earth, Julieanne’s 20+ year study of people has crossed all confines including geographic and economic boundaries, and themes continued to be recurring.  Julieanne’s single highest calling is to PUT “RELATE” BACK INTO RELATIONSHIPS

Having been in the entertainment industry for many years, Julieanne’s acting career landed her roles on syndicated shows including a guest-starring spot on Suddenly Susan with Brooke Shields and a recurring role on Days of Our Lives.  She is the star of the film Meta and has worked on countless others.  She is also the star of the famous award winning Super Bowl Doritos commercial, Pug Attack. She can currently be seen in the National Farmer’s Insurance commercial, MONSTER FOOT with Oscar Award winner, J.K. Simmons.

Julieanne has modelled for famous designers including Escada, St. John and many others.  She has been hired, fired and quit all types of jobs in numerous industries.

Julieanne has owned her own company for over 10 years but ultimately remains most excited by the human experience. Her continued pursuit of excellence remains focused in the area of personal relationships as a means to take human connections to new heights.



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Once upon a time, people were inspired by their careers. They were ambitious and set out to pursue their dreams with conviction and enthusiasm. Then something happened. They were told they couldn’t and shouldn’t try. Something failed. They were led to believe their ideas were bad, and success was unlikely. Confidence faded and soon they lost sight of WHY it mattered. Though defeated, and becoming accustomed to the status quo, deep inside, they were convinced there had to be more to life… Based on true life experiences, Spelling It Out for Your Career offers a candid and inspiring view of possibility, with

insightful justifications as to why you absolutely can NOT die without sharing the gifts you have to give.

Julieanne O’Connor is the author of the SPELLING IT OUT book series – which includes Spelling It Out for Your Man, and her new release Spelling It Out for Your Career, Insider Secrets to Living Your Dreams and Passions.

Ms. O’Connor has been featured on countless stages and her books continue to grow in popularity. Her books feature quotes by great thinkers, other authors and famous comedians and is categorized as NONFICTION – MAINSTREAM – INSPIRATIONAL – PHILOSOPHY – SELF-HELP.

You can also find Julieanne O’Connor on the Self Discovery Radio as the host of Transforming Relationships.

FACEBOOK: /spellingitout

More on your host Sara Troy and her many shows go to choose-positive-living

Julieanne’s shows right here on Self Discovery Radio.


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