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P15/07b Plastic Renewing Lives

Positive Living Vibrations with Sara Tory and her guest Shaun Frankson Aired from February 17th on. 

32 million tons of plastic waste were generated in 2012, only 9 percent of the total plastic waste generated in 2012 was recovered for recycling. We are killing our planet with plastic, seeing this problem Shaun Frankson and his partner David Katz, co-founded The Plastic Bank where recycling plastic generates a triple bottom line social enterprise that makes plastic waste a currency in developing countries to help reduce global poverty.

Shaun says “I’m proud to say that happiness is my strategy. I intentionally do what I love for a living and do everything I can to continuously get better at doing what I love. After years of coming up with successful and unique strategies for personal fulfilment, career success, business systems, & social media awesomeness, I am currently putting my best of the best strategies into a new book called Strategize the S#!t out of it‘.”

Inspire Change, Create Opportunities, & Strategize the S#!t out of it are the actions I live by. I literally wear my core values on my sleeves. Inspire, Create & Strategize are tattoo’d on my forearms along with a modified version of the seven habits of highly effective people  (amongst many other tattoo with equal meaning).



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About The Plastic Bank: The Plastic Bank is turning plastic waste into a currency to help reduce global poverty and plastic waste.  It is setting up exchange centers for plastic waste in areas that have high amounts of poverty and plastic pollution. The Plastic Bank’s mandate is to provide a ladder of opportunity for the world’s poor to ascend from poverty by providing a reliable income and access to education, opportunities, and 3D printing services.  The exchange process for our recycled “Social Plastic®” improves the life of a disadvantaged person while cleaning our planet. The goal of The Plastic Bank is to lead the movement towards a worldwide demand for the use of Social Plastic® in everyday products.  The higher the demand becomes, the greater the social impact towards helping the world’s poor.  Much of the world’s ocean plastic starts on land in developing countries. The Plastic Bank has created a system to prevent ocean-bound plastic waste from being dumped into oceans, rivers, and waterways by making it too valuable to throw away.

Shaun Frankson also is a Co-Founder, VP & Digital Strategist

After years of playing in a rock band, a near death car accident revealed Shaun’s calling as a systems and strategy guy. Guided by his core values to Strategize the S#!t out of it, Create Opportunities, Give Value, and Inspire Change, Shaun has made a career out of creating unique strategies that generate results.

Shaun created the PR and marketing engines to introduce Social Plastic® to the world, resulting in features in Forbes, Time, Fast Company, Huffington Post and over 200 other articles from over 25 countries in 15 different languages. Before the first piece of plastic was even exchanged The Plastic Bank had over 500,000 Facebook fans and over 100,000 twitter supporters, all contributing towards an immediate demand and movement for The Plastic Bank’s Social Plastic®.

Shaun is an active keynote speaker and consultant who truly believes that for-profit social entrepreneurship is the ultimate business strategy.

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